Will’s Favorite Things: Resources for Success

Welcome to the resources section, a curated list of my favorite tools and websites I recommend for achieving your goals. I have tested every recommendation on this page.

Before digging into the awesome resources, an important disclosure:

Some links below are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with these companies, and I recommend them because they are useful, not because of the commissions I make if. Please do not spend any money unless you feel that they will help you achieve your goals.

Here are some of my favorite things.

How To Teach Yourself Anything, A Speed Learning Course

I created this course for you. I’ve studied some of the world’s best “speed learners” over the years, including Josh Waitzkin, a man who became a national champion in chess and a world champion in Tai Chi Chuan by the time he was 30, and Tim Ferriss, someone who become a world champion salsa dancer from scratch in a matter of months. In this course, you’ll learn how to improve your proficiency at any skill more efficiently and reliably.

Check out the course.


Learn how to succeed in any skill you want from the most successful people in world. MasterClass offers some of the most famous, respected masters as teachers, from Gordon Ramsay to Sara Blakely to Christina Aguilera to Martin Scorsese to Malcolm Gladwell to Howard Schultz. All for an affordable monthly price. Check out my review of MasterClass here.




I’ve finished over 300 books in the last few years. I’m known as the “guy who reads a lot.” My secret?…
I don’t like reading actual books. I listen to most of the books as audiobooks! Audible, a company created by Amazon, offers audio books from their extensive library for a monthly fee. Get a free audiobook of your choice by trying Audible here.

I’ve taken online courses, in-person seminars, gone to conferences that cost more than a $1,000. I’ve consumed thousands of YouTube videos, speeches, podcasts, and more on success. Yet a lot of the most impactful growth I’ve seen comes from the information in books, often biographies. Where else can you get the blueprint of Kevin Hart, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Oprah?

Need book recommendations? I’ve wrote many listicles for the best books of different categories, whether you want to change your life, get a better job, improve your relationships and social skills, or live happier. Browse around my social media and blog, use the search function, or Google.

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Life and Career Coaching

Get affordable one-on-one coaching with me! I can provide personalized coaching on a variety of topics. My students have benefited from my coaching around these topics: career development, job hunting, building an online following, building an online business, negotiation, life mindsets, success mindsets, and personalized book and documentary recommendations. I guarantee my prices are more affordable than others. In fact, one of my students couldn’t believe how low they were and demanded to pay me more. Spots are limited. To apply or find out more info, contact me for a consultation call to see if we’re a fit.

Here’s a testimonial from a client.

Will Chou is an excellent coach who really values and empowers his clients. He really helped me with some digital marketing challenges I had. Will gave me some great advice on how to grow my e-mail list. He thoroughly reviewed my website and made some recommendations on how I could improve it to get more clients.

Will is very focused and highly-skilled at getting people the results they want. He listens deeply. He asks great, insightful questions that make you think about problems and then use your own wisdom and intelligence to solve them. Other times, he provides guidance and advice that’s practical and effective. Will is a great accountability partner. He’ll help you set goals and follow up with you to make sure you’re on track. He has a caring, empathetic style of coaching that makes people feel comfortable. I’d definitely hire him again in the future. -Charles Amemiya, Speaker and Coach

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