Papa Johns Screwed Up Hard & Probably Lost A Lot Of Business

Here’s the story that JUST happened.


Iggy Azalea is a rapper with 4.21 Million followers on Twitter. She ordered a Papa Johns pizza through delivery. The delivery guy gave her phone number to his friends. That phone number spread quickly and her phone got spammed out with annoying messages and calls. She tweeted about it.


Two points. One: How stupid is this guy to think that any of these messages will work? His messages to Iggy make it seem like she’s entitled to call him back. Two: The delivery man made a serious mistake in customer privacy. I doubt Papa John’s briefed him or warned him or told him ANYTHING about customer privacy when he got the job though.

Then, whatever smart-alec teenager was hired to run the Papa John’s Twitter decided to respond back with a light-hearted semi-apology quoting some of Iggy’s lyrics in his 140 character response. Iggy was not amused.


What may have happened was this man still did not grasp the severity of the situation and the power of Iggy’s followers. After reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s books, I think he is way ahead of his time and most companies still do not grasp the virality and potential for spreading good or bad press about your products very quickly. This man probably just wanted to get home after a full day of work. Bad mistake. I do not think he even considered contacting any Papa Johns management, finding the delivery man, and make sure everyone he gave the number to immediately stop annoying her.

Then Iggy Azalea makes 10 consecutive tweets to her 4.21 million followers telling them how bad Papa Johns is and how they have no respect for customer privacy, which I agree is important.

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The damage has been done. Papa John has yet to respond and I do not think they will. Who knows what ripple effects this will have on their sales. Articles have been written about this on popular websites like BusinessInsider and that is getting hundreds of shares and thousands of views. I think there will be an impact but it is probably greater than some people think it will be and less than what Iggy Azalea and her followers¬†think it will. ¬†Articles have been written about this on popular websites like BusinessInsider and that is getting hundreds of shares and thousands of views. So here we have thousands, not millions, of active viewers reading the tweets – remember: 4 million followers doesn’t mean all 4 million will read the tweets.

There’s only been one business who came out ahead on this. DiGiorno.


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