The secret to happiness according to science

The secret to happiness according to science

The secret to happiness is simple.

-40% is genetics. That’s unchangeable.

The rest is a matter of:
-Faith (Religion & Big Picture), Family, Community (Charity/Strong Friendships), Work (Through Earned Value, Earning What You Make)
-habits that drive good events into your life and prevent/avoid bad events (cancer, disease, pain, suffering)
-A good perspective and attitude on the little things that make you happy. Money and Modern Media can distort that and make you think these little things aren’t worth it anymore in comparison to something greater.
-Realize that many materialistic things are often ephemeral in raising your happiness. Your body tends to ratchet up. How long will you be happier with that hot girl or mansion or nice car? Perhaps only a short while. The most interesting thing I found about this was that chasing money and women are not on the list. Yet that is how big corporations and media paints the picture. The video goes through all this in depth and shows how earning value at your job trumps how much you get paid in determining true happiness. Im SO glad I watched this video because I see so many people chasing the money and sacrificing other things for money


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