I Spent Thousands of Dollars on Every YouTuber’s Course So You Don’t Have To [Podcast]

Successful YouTubers make a lot of money doing what they love. That’s obvious and no secret.

So, you may not be surprised to find that a lot of them sell courses on how they did it. Over the years, I’ve bought almost every course, book, or program that’s come out, including ones from people who make YouTube videos about how to make YouTube videos.

Some recent purchases I made include:

  • Multiple cohorts of Creator Now
  • VidSummit replays
  • Matt D’Avella’s course
  • Fidias’s course (you had to buy an NFT to buy it haha)
  • Lost Leblanc’s Lost Creator Academy
  • Derral Eves’s book and companion course
  • MKBHD’s and Ninja’s MasterClass course

Other purchases I’ve made since 2014 include:

  • a VidSummit VIP package including a lunch
  • a live cohort with Tim Schmoyer’s Video Creators classmates

There’s an endless stream of courses and more coming out every year. There’s new entrants and existing flagships, like Pat Flynn’s YouTube course, Leon Hendrix’s upcoming course, ThinkMedia’s courses, Graham Stephan’s course, Colin and Samir’s course, the question is… is it worth it? And is there a point when more courses aren’t going to help? Can any of these courses fulfill the dream promised of a successful YouTube channel or is it mostly on you? Is it worth the cost or can you find it all online for free? Which one’s have good accountability and community? How much of it really relies on a talent x-factor that can’t be transferred through a course?

Find out all that and more in today’s podcast episode. *hint: Depends on the course – Some are definitely worth it, some not so much.

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