5 Habits of Highly Successful Millennials

habits of successful people


We humans are creatures of habit. That’s why you need to adopt habits of successful people.

No matter how complex and “higher-level” we think we are, we fall into a routine on a daily basis, which is sometimes not good for us.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to build a successful routine of daily habits.

That brings us to the question of which habits should we adopt?

After studying thousands of the world’s most successful people, I’ve compiled 5 habits that you simply must adopt. Check out the video:

Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you.

Which habits are you missing in your daily routine?

Once again, here they are:

1. A daily habit of meditation

After studying thousands of successful people, one of my secret sauces is meditation. It is incredibly eerie how many successful people do this. Not ALL of them do. But many do: Robert Downey Jr. of Iron Man, the billionaire Ray Dalio, the billionaire Oprah Winfrey, the list goes on..

2. Daily goal-setting

There’s a lot of psychology and science behind all the subtle hacks I add to goal-setting. Here’s what I do: At least twice a day, I write down my goals on paper, say what value I will give in exchange for my goals, the deadline, exactly what I will get, and imagine as if I have already achieved them.

There’s a lot of science to all the small things in that: why I write it down in paper, why I imagine it, and so on.

There’s tons of books on the science and psychology of this. Some of the important points is that a study tracked college students years after they graduated. The ones who succeeded in their goals were the ones in the group that wrote down definitive goals constantly. People who had goals only in their head or didn’t have goals at all did a lot worse.

3. Surrounding yourself with successful people

There’s a lot of psychology going on here with mirror neurons in our brain: we copy what we see. It will rub off on you and I’ve seen this from personal experience. Just by being around people who are more fit or better at school has made me a much better athlete and student. I didn’t even have to consciously try. It just happened. It seems like magic but you just naturally gravitate towards the habits of who is around you.

4. Start your day with your #1 task and goal

Most people do whatever they want throughout the day. They’re bombarded with distractions and exhausted by the end of the day, only to realize they haven’t started or finished their most important task. If you start and finish your most important task before the morning is over, you’ll feel accomplished the rest of the day no matter what you do, even if you waste the rest of the day.

But you can work the whole day without doing your most important task and not be as impactful or productive as if you had finished your most important task. The truth is that miscellaneous and low- and moderate- important tasks sneak into your routine if you don’t set out a plan. By the time you realize it at the end of the day, your willpower is so drained that you’ll likely procrastinate and put off your most important task to yet another day.

5. Daily exercise

There’s TONS of science behind this.

You already know. The point is to exercise constantly to increase your natural energy levels, happiness, confidence, and productivity. 20 minutes a day is a great starting point!

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Which of these habits can you work more on? Could you be more productive on a daily basis?

One of my favorite productivity books that actually helped is Essentialism. Check it out! 

Keep hustling,


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  1. I am very impressed in the way Doctor Will provides the food of life lessons on the table. My life has changed in a phenomenal way. I now know how to start my day and also end it. Awesome!! is how i conclude.


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