How I Coached Two People to Help Them Grow an Online Following & Progress in Their Careers

In this podcast episode, I discuss the stories of the first two coaching clients I’ve had. They came from different backgrounds and had different goals, but I enjoyed both experiences. And I’m happy for how I was able to help them.

The first student cared about improving his personal brand online. He wanted to grow a following, get more traffic to his website, and improve his internet marketing skills. He saw my success and raised his hand when I offered coaching services. He was already a motivational speaker for incarcerated men and life coach, but he wanted to improve the digital side of his personal brand.

The second student was young and just starting out in the real world. He wanted help on a variety of personal development, including public speaking, social media marketing, career development, nutrition, and book recommendations.

It was a joy working with positive people willing to invest in improving themselves! Here’s the episode.

The first student, Charles Amemiya, was kind enough to write this testimonial for me. It was an honor to work with someone who had already experienced and learned so much in his life. He kept telling me I was charging too little for my services!

Will Chou is an excellent coach who really values and empowers his clients. He really helped me with some digital marketing challenges I had. Will gave me some great advice on how to grow my e-mail list. He thoroughly reviewed my website and made some recommendations on how I could improve it to get more clients.

Will is very focused and highly-skilled at getting people the results they want. He listens deeply. He asks great, insightful questions that make you think about problems and then use your own wisdom and intelligence to solve them. Other times, he provides guidance and advice that’s practical and effective. Will is a great accountability partner. He’ll help you set goals and follow up with you to make sure you’re on track. He has a caring, empathetic style of coaching that makes people feel comfortable. I’d definitely hire him again in the future. -Charles Amemiya, Speaker and Coach

If you’re interested in working with me, you can reach out through my Contact form to being the application process.

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