How I Find the Motivation to Consistently Get Things Done [Podcast]

I asked my email newsletter what they wanted to hear about. One of my readers, Joe wrote in with this request.

I am curious to hear about how you find the time and discipline to keep pushing out emails and videos. (Maybe you’ve already written about this somewhere)

I have a small blog myself and find it hard to find the motivation to keep writing. Even when I do sit down to write, I write very slowly, taking weeks to get out a short article.
I guess it could be generalized to procrastinating on big projects in general (like cleaning the house, patching holes in the wall)
Physical or mental challenges (like learning chess, go, poker, memory competitions) would be interesting, although I would understand if that’s not the type of content you want your brand to be about. Doesn’t have to be video, written progress report type articles would be interesting.”
This podcast episode breaks down my thoughts and system towards how I’m able to put out consistent blog posts, youtube videos, and emails to my newsletter. Thousands of pieces of content have been released over the ~8 year life of this brand so far. Here’s how I did it.

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By Will Chou

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