We Need To Talk About Dating For Asian Men

In today’s podcast episode, I decide to talk about dating for Asian men. It’s been a while since I’ve addressed this topic, and it’s very interesting. That’s because even though there’s been a lot more content, awareness, discussion, and advice over the last decade, I still see hordes of Asian men who fit a nerdy, socially inept, academically-focused stereotype. They often wear glasses and focus on school at the cost of other things in life, and so forth.

In this podcast, I keep it concise (11 minutes!) so that I don’t lose your attention. I touch on why I think this phenomenon still exists, how to take action to break out of it, what’s the “resistance” that holds them back even if they have the knowledge they need, and a shoutout towards all the Asian men I met in school and life who broke the mold. That last one’s really important! There’s Asian men around you in your daily life who are funny, masculine, socially skilled, athletic, popular, or fashionable. They exist, just not in large numbers. It’s useful to study them, befriend them, learn from them, and acknowledge them; not everyone fits a negative stereotype, and more people need to be aware that there is variance across Asian men.

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By Will Chou

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  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. It’s a very good length. Listened to it while brushing my teeth and dressing. Most interesting and with good tips (I am a 58 year old caucasian woman and still find it interesting!). It’s a topic I hadn’t thought of before while subconsciously I stereotype Asian men as you describe. I enjoy very much your honesty and openness in your work, and how you show your vulnerability. Most refreshing.

    1. So glad it was useful! I don’t get many podcast comments so this is encouraging. I’m glad you found value and interest, and I’ll keep in mind the length for future episodes. While I’m a bit surprised, I’m not too surprised that someone wildly outside of that demographic is interested in my content since it happens often enough and people reach out and tell me. I’m curious what value you get out of it so I can continue to serve my audience. I suppose it’s the entertainment and an interesting topic

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