Napoleon Hill’s 10 Traits Of An Effective Leader

This is not another viral article with facts based on something a random person with no credibility thought up.

This is leadership advice directly from Napoleon Hill. He studied 500+ of the wealthiest people in the entire world for over 25 years in person.

Leadership is a very important skill for acquiring wealth and being at the upper stages of an organization.

This is something you should consult with frequently to check where you are and improve. We can always improve on these traits.

Here is what he said you need:

1. Unwavering Courage

People don’t like following someone who is not confident, has low self-esteem, or isn’t courageous. No intelligible follower will stay a follower for long with such a leader.

2. Self-Control

People who can’t control or restrain themselves won’t be able to do this for others. ¬†Having self-control is a great example for people who follow you. Your intelligent followers will model how you behave if you exercise self-control.

3. A Keen Sense Of Justice

Without being fair and just, you can’t command and keep the respect of your followers.

4. Definiteness of Decision

People who waver or keep changing their minds show that they’re not sure of themselves. They cannot lead others well.

5. Definite Plans

A great leader must plan the work and then execute it thoroughly. A leader who makes decisions of guesses rather than a solid, definite plan will eventually fail.

6. Do More Than What You Are Paid For

As a leader, you should more than you require your followers to do. It’s almost a necessity.

7. A Pleasing Personality

No one wants a careless person to be a leader. Leaders must be respected.

In order for people to respect you, you must have a personality that is pleasing for people to be around. You must also have sympathy and understanding.

It’s really important to listen and understand your followers and their problems thoroughly.

Richard Branson emphasizes listening as one of the most important skills of a leader and entrepreneur.

8. Attention To Detail

A successful leader is a master of all the details that the role requires.

9. Willing To Assume Full Responsibility

You must be willing to take all the responsibility for the mistakes of your followers. If you try to blame others, you won’t be a leader for long. If your followers make a mistake, you have failed as a leader.

If you look through history, leaders who led by force without consent never lasted for long.

10. Cooperate

A great leader must apply the principle of cooperation and induce followers to do the same. Leadership usually has responsibilities of power and power requires cooperation.

Because of your high role at a company, your suggestions can be perceived as orders.

Before you say something, be sure to take a second and breath. Ask yourself if it’s worth it.


Leadership is a skill that can be learned and bettered. On top of what I have learned from Napoleon Hill, some of my favorite books on Leadership are The Virgin Way by Richard Branson and Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell.

There’s a lot of hidden gems in these books by some of the best leaders the world has seen. They literally wrote these books to impart their secrets to you. It’s worth the read.

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