I Paid My Favorite YouTube Fitness Coach Gokuflex to Train Me For 3 Months

Imagine following fitness YouTubers for many, many years, wishing you could be coached personally by them. And then doing nothing about it because you can’t afford to even consider it.

That was me. I lived off free YouTube videos (thousands of them) and affordable e-books for my fitness journey.

At some point, I graduated to paying for a pricy CrossFit gym membership for a few years.

But after not seeing the size gains I wanted and a few other reasons, I decided to try something new. Let’s give bodybuilding a shot, and what if I just hired the #1 YouTuber that I would want coaching from? The cost wasn’t cheap at all, and I can’t say I was really comfortable to spend that much of my savings. But what was the alternative? Wait another ten years, procrastinating from doing anything.

I did it. And what a journey it’s been. For the last three months, every day was very challenging. Almost all of it was new to me. I was given very strict macronutrients to follow. I had to learn how to cook and stuff in enough protein in every day. It became a major focus of my day. At the same time, I had to balance a demanding full-time job, managing social media, emails, and other things on the side, personal life, and I was traveling during this time.

I am very proud of myself. The challenges were tough, and the amount of time spend shopping for groceries, trying different foods I could tolerate, dealing with coaching that wasn’t as great or interactive as I expected, and other things was immense. But I did it. I stuck to the macros, the cardio, the exercises prescribed. I worked out and ate better and did more of that than ever before. Coming from a habit of being able to eat anything I wanted made it more difficult.

I want to recap my journey and review my coaching experience with the YouTuber Matt Kido, Gokuflex. This podcast episode tells you my story, my experience, my struggles, what I learned, and why I don’t think this coach specifically is worth it for you and why coaching in general is still worth it.

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