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Found this on a Self-development group recently. While he is not exactly perfect in certain or areas or where I desire to be in others, he’s definitely a few steps in the right direction where I want to be in certain areas.


Yes, I get it. Asian men do have negative perceptions against them. While it’s good to be aware of it, personally, I just don’t focus on it.

It doesn’t even enter my radar because it just doesn’t serve me. Instead of focusing on “racism” why not just think of how you can live a more bad ass life?

Pointing fingers never did anyone any good.

Like what I said before, FOCUS ON YOU no matter what your race is.

Because seriously, who gives a shit?

A good example is my brother. He’s short, 5’2″ but this guy brings home tall, hot, white girls consistently and this guy has ZERO knowledge about any PUA stuff.

He’s just very PROACTIVE about himself.

– He has his own internet business
– He bartends for fun
– He does crossfit full time
– He also teaches crossfit part-time
– He’s inked as fuck
– He reads A LOT of interesting things
– He speaks his mind to everyone
– He doesn’t care what people think of him
– He’s a great dude to be around

But the thing is, he does all those things (and others) for himself first because it will genuinely make him happy.

This guy really could give 2 shits about getting girls. Ironically it’s that same “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that attracts women to him.

Your mindset should be “I’M EXOTIC” not “I’M FOREIGN.”

Drop this whole “asians are less” crap. If you think it’s true, then it is. If you think it’s not, then it’s not.


Invite women to come along with you on your journey!


Note: “PUA stuff” is a segment/industry of dating advice that gets very technical and scientific in its processes.

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