I’m Still Obsessed with MasterClass.com

I’ve been following the masterclass.com promotions and pricing for years now. And this is the first time they are doing an actual discount. It’s almost always a buy one membership get one free, but for the next few days, you could get a 35% discount. This is a huge opportunity, and I think it is so worth it.
I’ve used MasterClass for so many things, including professional development at my full-time job. I have to communicate and interface with clients often, which is a very stressful and sometimes high pressure thing. Client perception is just as important as delivering good work, sometimes more important. There are a few courses that have helped with this, including a negotiation course by an expert negotiator, a storytelling course from a master actor, a communication course from a famous tv anchor, and a “live your legend” course from a famous morning news host.

I rarely promote products, so much so that this may be the first time you’ve seen me mention a product, but this one is a must-promote because the credibility is through the roof.
MasterClass.com has 100+ teachers that are successful financially, academically, in the box office, on the best seller’s list, at the academy awards, at the Grammy’s… these are actual successful people. This is NEW to the personal development world. Usually, for the first couple decades of the internet, it was usually someone you’ve never heard of claiming to be a millionaire or somewhat successful in whatever they’re selling you, whether that’s writing, salesmanship, entrepreneurship, how to be a travel vlogger, and so forth. Oh, and it’ll cost $2000 for the course. Instead, MasterClass costs a tenth of that for an all-access pass to believable experts.
But now, with MasterClass, you have US presidents, best-selling authors including Malcolm Gladwell, streamers including Ninja, Christina Aguilera, Hans Zimmer, Pharrell, Howard Schultz, Bob Iger, Chris Voss, and the list goes on and on… Whether you want to be a master chef, poker player, chess player, writer, speaker, communicator … the list goes on… All for a much more affordable monthly price, a netflix model.

I CAN’T believe how good this is and how affordable, and I think you should lock it in now while you can. Because I’ve been eying other competitor’s courses and learning platforms out there that are similar, like the one that sells Casey Neistat’s course, and their pricing model is so much more expensive…. $250 per creator per course … Just Casey’s course, not any of the others on the platform I want (Mark Rober, etc.) for $250. So, I don’t know if MasterClass.com can continue at these pricing levels, but NOW is the time to get it for this crazy price and squeeze the juice out of. Who knows if they change their mind one day and up their prices like crazy. The value is SO WORTH IT.
Get MasterClass.com now. If you purchase through my affiliate link, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.
This 35% OFF Deal Ends on 5/8/22. This is a once in a lifetime chance! And probably one of the only promotions they’ve ever done.
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