National 1,000 Women Survey Unveils Humbling Truth: Guys Are Clueless On Where To Meet Women

Many guys go to bars and clubs to meet girls, but a new survey* of 1,034 girls across the country reveals
that guys are off the mark, and missing opportunities that are right under
their noses every day. In fact, when asked where guys should meet girls, the
girls surveyed ranked a number of unexpected places (coffee shops, bookstores
and even churches) above bars and clubs. What’s more, while girls admit to
sending subtle cues to let guys know they’re interested, it seems that guys
rarely pick up on these signals and make a move. Too often, guys let the
moment — and girl — pass them by. Bottom line, guys: head to a bookstore
cafe, use some tact and act fast.
The survey was conducted to introduce AXE Bullet, the first pocket-sized
deodorant bodyspray that allows guys to act fast and seize unexpected hook-up
opportunities. Findings include:
— Only 19 percent of girls** met the last guy they dated at a bar.
— Nearly one in four girls (24 percent) would be embarrassed to tell
their families they’re dating a guy they met at a bar.
— When asked where guys should go to meet nice, single girls, more than
half (53 percent) of girls said a coffee shop was the best spot,
followed by a bookstore (41 percent), gym (40 percent) and grocery
store (35).
— 36 percent of girls would send their guy friends to church, temple or
another place of religious worship in search of single girls.

— Nine out of 10 girls admit that they’ve seen cute guys while going
about their everyday routines who they wished would make a move and
talk to them.
— The last time they exchanged flirty glances with a guy, 63 percent of
girls wanted him to strike up a conversation.
— 65 percent of girls said that summer is the season when they have the
most carefree, fun and romantic flings. Even girls living in year-round
warm-weather cities, such as L.A., Dallas and Orlando, ranked summer
— Give it a shot! When being approached by a guy, the majority of girls
(68 percent) said a guy’s approach style (i.e. confidence, wit and
humor) matters most. Only 20 percent of girls said that physical
appearance is important, and only 11 percent are influenced by time and
place of the interaction.

— Only 13 percent of girls said guys often “get it” when a girl tries to
let him know she’s interested.
— What cues do girls most frequently use to show their interest? Eye
contact and smiling flirtatiously top the list (69 percent), followed
by asking for his opinion or advice on something (37 percent),
approaching his friends without talking to him directly (26 percent)
and asking for the time (23 percent).
— Nearly one-third (30 percent) of girls said guys blow the most
opportunities with girls by not doing or saying anything. Inaction
means no action, guys. Act fast and make a move while you can!


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