We’ve Finally Rebranded to Dream Life Lab!

In 2015, I started this blog. At the time, speed to execution was key for me, so I randomly chose a domain name … willyoulaugh.com.

Yeah, it was random. At the time, I was considering doing a lifestyle, fun, comedic brand like a YouTuber I followed called KevJumba. It was the best play on my name, Will, I can find.

Now for the next few years, the name caused confusion. People assumed I was running a comedy blog or something when they saw the name on my email signature or heard it. It also didn’t fit my brand at all since I had quickly pivoted to talk about personal development. After many years of talking about self improvement, I have felt the urge to change the domain name for a while. It didn’t really hurt me too much. If I mentioned it in a podcast or youtube description or in person, I may get some slight confusion, but never any major pushback.

That said, the whole thing felt out of place, confusing, and inconsistent with my brand as a whole. It felt like I wasn’t being professional making such a blatant mistake with my digital presence.

I think it’s finally time to choose a name that makes better sense. And with that, after almost eight years, we’ve rebranded to DreamLifeLab.org.

After polling my email subscribers, I went with what was closest to what they preferred that I could actually get and made sense with the purpose of this brand, as explained in my About page and Values Manifesto page. I spent a decent amount of time trying to choose the right one; options were limited because .coms were taken and many variations of names were taken.

Ultimately, I felt this domain does a good enough job of what we’re after. It finally is something I can comfortably stand behind. It makes more sense than “will you laugh” and it embodies a central part of our goal to become a better version of ourselves and achieve our dreams in health, wealth, love, happiness, and anything else we strive for. It’s just a domain name, so I don’t expect it to be able to thoroughly explain everything about us accurately. Yet it’s a step in the right direction.

The “Lab” part felt right to me because we don’t have all the answers here. Instead, we learn from the greats. People in our shoes who achieved what we want. We learn from science, books, experience, and we experiment. And through that, we experiment like in a scientific lab, to find what works for us to achieve our goals.

The benefit of still being a tiny personal development brand and personal blogger/content creator with a small audience is that I can still do what I want, make big changes, and not get much or any pushback because there’s barely any audience! So, with that, I’m hoping this move makes sense to everyone!

I know rebrands have worked successfully before. For example, jonmorrow.com rebranded successfully to smartblogger.com a few years ago. So, I’m hoping this will work as well!

I hope that explains the change. Same blog, same person, more cohesive, accurate brand and domain! Welcome to DreamLifeLab.org

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By Will Chou

I am the the founder of this site and I am grateful you are here to be part of this awesome community. I help hard-working Asian American Millennials get rich doing work they love.


  1. Hey Will, I never knew you originally planned to make this a comedy blog. I thought it was self development from Day 1. And I actually liked the old name.
    But yeah, I guess the change makes sense. And like you said, better to do it early before your audience is 10x larger.
    Good luck with the rebrand.
    I haven’t visited for a while, so now I’m off to read about this 5-day challenge thing.
    – Chris

    1. Thanks for your comment Chris. It’s lovely to hear from actual supportive readers! Yeah, it made sense in my gut for a long time now from a branding perspective. Keep me posted and welcome back! Be sure to join my email newsletter for more exclusive content

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