Speedo Man Crushes it With Hundreds of Bikini-clad Women

Update: I wrote the following article many years ago, and I always had it on my long bucket list to visit Cabana Pool Bar and meet this man. Regardless of what you think, I think he’s inspirational. Whether or not he succeeds with women romantically, he isn’t scared of interacting and talking with them. He also doesn’t care what others think, and he has fun regardless of what happens. Plus, he probably meets more attractive women than most people do their whole year. As Bruce Lee says, take what you useful, discard the rest, so there’s stuff you can learn here that he’s doing right, and there’s stuff he’s doing wrong with women that you don’t have to use. Who knew when it would happen, though, because Cabana is in another country from where I live. Randomly, I got my chance in 2022, several years after I wrote this article. I was in Toronto for a different reason and knew I had to squeeze in some time to meet him or at least visit this pool bar. The bar is actually a fairly long commute (~45 minutes) out of the city to the downtown suburbs. It’s packed with people though, and I got my chance! I had to leave shortly because my time in the country was limited, but I got a picture with him. I told him why I wanted to meet him and he told me in a supportive way, “F the haters.” After my selfie, he went off dance in the middle of the pool.

This isn’t a first. I remember two very distinct people on social media in the past who were also more unattractive , but achieved a large amount of attention because of a lot of photos they posted with attractive women. It’s social proof, the difficulty of the feat, the rarity of the event, and virality. Dan Bilzerian is another .

That said, this still amazes me. Yes, one of the past instances was likely because the man was gay (Chris Scott), but there’s still something magical about being able to pull women in like a magnet — even just as friends — that seems so difficult and admirable. It’s something even us straight men can learn something from to better out dating lives.

Without further ado, let me show you this guy.

He has posted HUNDREDS of pictures publicly on Facebook with numerous girls. He most likely has his haters out of jealousy or other reasons. I personally applaud him because he is having a blast and being around plenty more attractive women than most people. Another crowd seems to give him pity or look down on him because they doubt he is getting any real action other than a photo with these girls.

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He does this weird thing with numerous girls where he kneels down and kisses their feet. It is a bit of a beta move. It seems like he puts them on a pedestal when he does that.

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There are even memes about him.

If anyone thinks being with numerous women like him will lead to happiness, think again. Everything is relative and therefore once you get there, the state will become your norm, you will take it as your standard and naturally get used to it and bored. The same concept applies to rare/delicious food, becoming a millionaire, and other things. Tai Lopez does a great job of discussing this in the “3 sources of Unhappiness”

There are a few people successful with women I know who have remarked on how physical attractiveness has dulled and now play second fiddle to greater priorities like personality and other accomplishments.

I think the journey is more important. I am not there yet, so I think I would have great fun just hanging out with all these girls. More power to him! It seems like a grand time having his butt smacked, carrying girls around, and being around so many.

At first, I was like, this place has tons of girls. Then, I realized, there were just as many guys there. This man is literally just going up to and seemingly talking to groups of girls. The ridiculous amount of pictures make it seem like theres nothing but hundreds of beautiful women there. This demonstrates at least a bit more social tact and skill than the average man, who sticks with his own clique of people he knows at these events and is inundated with approach anxiety to single-handedly engage in conversation with a group of girls alone (you can kind of even see it in the guys in the background)

Hey, might not actually be getting any but who cares? This may be a lesson to try for yourself to establish a lifestyle and network with  women and flirting with them at the same time. More than most people. That’s something I want to strive towards. There is a high chance he just goes up to strangers, ask for pictures, and never sees them again. Regardless, the message and moral of the story I want to get out of this is to improve your own life. Also, as a huge warning: don’t be trickeded by the internet as it may overwhelm you with women and think it is easy to achieve or that you can’t achieve happiness until you get 100+ women in your life.

Another question is who’s taking the pictures? Perhaps, he just asks a random person walking by.

It is pretty clear from the photos that most of these are from Cabana pool bar in Toronto (If there is some upsurge in attendance, it was because of me, Cabana. Enjoy the free plug). My goodness, that place seems like a goldmine of girls. It may just be the fact of the sheer amount of pictures though. The background shows that there’s quite a lot of guys and empty spaces in the background.  Anyone been to Toronto? I thought it was cold and not too populated?

Based on his interactions, he may be lacking in certain areas of social skills and results. But in others, he does better than the average joe. I always try and learn from people’s golden nuggets of strength even if they have weaknesses in other areas. The key is to be really good at defining what they excel at and not, and try not to assume their competence extends to areas it does not. It is a hard thing to do properly. He seems to have at least some social tact in making friends with girls.

Him on a boat with 11 girls and no guys.


He may be able to leverage this and eventually create a Facebook page and/or Instagram and blow up and make lots of money if he is smart enough. Although, with a big following comes haters too and not everyone has the stomach for that.



He is a security guard by occupation. You do not need to be rich to at least make friends and flirt with tons of pretty girls. At the same time, most of these girls are probably not rich or successful either. They seem to just be everyday people (although all quite attractive). Some have been confirmed to be models with followings and others are standard restaurant workers and others we may never know.

He’s an inspiration to me

Sure, you may argue that he’s just taking photos with strangers who don’t even know his name. Maybe you’re thinking that girls don’t take this guy seriously and he never has a real chance. But guess what? He’s having fun. In fact, he’s having more fun than I do and spending more time with pretty girls than I do.

It proves you don’t need to hook up with girls to have a good time. He’s having a blast, even when he’s just dancing on his own at a party with a Speedo.

In fact, it’s likely this innocent nature that lets girls lower their guard. They don’t feel like running in away in annoyance from him because he’s not like all the other guys who are trying to hit on them. He’s an inspiration to me. I’d rather have fun with tons of hot girls even as just friends. That raises my social value and gives me valuable connections with girls who can give me feedback on what I’m doing wrong in dating and help me improve — plus they have hot friends they can introduce me too.

I’m still working on improving myself. The one time I asked two girls to take a photo with me was in the dark of night on Halloween outside a bar. They said no. Maybe I should have thought of a better environment to do it so they knew I was safe. I’m still scared they’ll ask why or think I’m a creep but I’m really not one.

I don’t live near a cool, popular pool with lots of girls and it’s not always warm out — but one can dream, right?

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By Will Chou

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  1. I was in Toronto and at the Cabana that day and trust me speedo man is not just mascot to these women, just watch the girl in the video on the phone, she can’t stop checking him out, and her boyfriend thinks it’s funny lol, bro your girl is drooling over his package, in front of you nonetheless lmfao! Trust me speedo guy ended up in bed with most if not all of these women, just look at all the butthurt boyfriends complaining about speedo guy on Facebook. I know for a fact he fucked the first three women in the pictures.

  2. Eh, he seems like their mascot though. Like he’s the butt of the joke. I guess if he enjoys that, then more power too him. I wouldn’t want to hang with people who viewed me in that light though.

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