Successful Influencers I’ve Had The Opportunity To Interact With

This is a log of the advice or contact I’ve gotten from top players or influencers in their industries. It’s not a complete list because I’ve surely forgot about a few people over the years, but it’s fairly complete. This list isn’t to brag — it’s to serve as inspiration to you and it does for me. Some responses may just be a short comment back, but they are significant to me because it represents hope that a kid starting from the bottom in a small town with no connections can make something of his life.

You too can get the attention of someone of important as long as you give more value than you take and persist. People will ignore you too, but have empathy. They’re likely bombarded and get toxic messages too, so they want to filter that out of their work schedule. If you’re polite and positive, you have a chance of standing out.

Most of these exchanges were short and brief, but it’s still an honor to be a part of their lives, no matter how small. As a history buff, I realize that successful people pave history. One day, they will be remembered long after their deaths. To play even a tiny fraction of a role in making their lives slightly better is astounding. Hopefully, you’ll find their advice useful too.

Robert Cialdini

via LinkedIn

robert cialdini will chou

Dr. Carol Dweck

Author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, a book I discovered after it was recommended by Bill Gates in his book club. Nowadays, her concepts are wildly popular in the self-help industry.

Dr Carol Dweck Mindsets advice

Jason Fried

CEO of 37 Signals. Follow him on Instagram because he posts tons of pictures of his really expensive watch collection.

How to Be A Great Salesman Jason Fried

Hannah Stocking – Social Media Influencer (Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook)

hannah stocking twitter

James Clear

james clear will chou

Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson Will Chou emailRick Hanson Will Chou email

Here is the article Rick was talking about. Here is Rick’s course, The Foundations of Well-Being, a course on happiness (affiliate link).

Shawn Achor, author of Before Happiness and The Happiness Advantage

Shawn Achor Happiness researcher and author of Before Happiness

PictureFit, Fitness YouTuber

picturefit will chou

Graham Bensinger

Graham Bensinger messaged Will Chou

History YouTuber, Bill Wurtz, the man behind History of Japan

bill wurtz

Anna Faith

Anna Faith Will Chou

semrush will chou

sol orwell will chou

Thomas Frank of College Info Geek

thomas frank collegeinfogeek will chou

westworld will chou

leonardo nam westworld will chou

leonardo nam will chou

leonardo nam westworld will chou
Leonardo Nam, also known as Felix on Westworld.

Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style

Antonio centeno Will Chou

Sonja Lyubomirsky of The How of Happiness

Sonja how of happiness email with will chou

Elliott of Behind the Brand

bryan elliott Will Chou

anna victoria will chou

Taryn Southern Will Chou

reezy resells will chou

Jose Zuniga of Teaching Men’s Fashion

Jose Zuniga Teaching Mens Fashion Will Chou

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