Why Men Overvalue The “Model” Job Title In Dating And Looks

It’s no question that men seem to value women who are or were “models” as a profession for obvious reasons. It shows that their beauty is so great that they get paid for it. Plus, there is status associated with that, at least real status at the highest levels. The top models supposedly make a killing and are invited to the most exclusive events and date the top celebrities. Kendal Jenner is one example.

However, at the lower levels, things get mucky. And I would argue that men may slightly overweigh the title of a “model” and over-value looks when looking for a relationship.

Nowadays, anyone can call themselves an Instagram model just like anyone can call themselves an entrepreneur or CEO in their social media bio. Behind the scenes, they may not have made any money or not much. But they can put on the front on social media or in person that they are better than they actually are.

Sure, some of you are smart enough to sniff out who is fronting. But I noticed in the dating advice community, there’s still a larger weight put on women with the “model” title when there shouldn’t be as much. They’d rather talk to a part-time unemployed part-time model in her mid 20s than someone leading a successful career and team in the tech or finance industry. You may be thinking, “What? Who do you know who thinks like that? I wouldn’t.” It’s not everyone but some men do think like this, and I think it’s not the most effective approach. Because you’re basically overvaluing someone who won the genetic lottery with their looks, which is not something they earned, and it’s something that will fade with time.

Alex Hormozi a successful entrepreneur in a successful relationship said the same thing in a video. He felt it was a stupid move to overweigh someone’s genetic lottery win of looks over all else. You’re valuing something they were born with and didn’t earn. When the looks fade with age, you’ll want to be happy with what you’re left with. Are they industrious, capable, smart, and have their life together? Or did all of that hinge on their looks?

Finally, you may be thinking, “Who cares? Why either or? Why not have both? Someone who is good looking and a great personality and person.” Yes, obviously, take both if you can get it. My point is that some men overweigh the looks and the job title of “model” more than they should when they make their decision. All those factors matter and why not get all those stats maxed if you can? But in reality, we’re not in a situation to just take our pick of a 10 out of 10 in every category. It’s a market where we get the best we can. So, yes, by all means, you want someone attractive, but if she’s not at a Megan Fox level, don’t worry about it. And more importantly, if she works a model, don’t put an excess amount of value on that one trait and screen for other personality traits before jumping into a relationship. And yes, this conversation is in the long-term relationship context; the rules and priorities can differ for other goals.

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