You WON’T BELIEVE How Much MONEY She Makes On Youtube With So Little Views..

how to make money on youtube

Recently, a lady with a very modest Youtube channel with 30,000 subscribers and 2 million total views released a video showing that she made $700 a month from Adsense. Adsense are the ads that display before or in the middle of a Youtube video.

Do NOT purchase the eBook she recommends at the end of the video. You can if you want and it will be decent advice. However, there’s plenty of free content that explains this in full better. And there are better eBooks out there that teach you how to properly grow a thriving Youtube channel. It seems like the market for this is growing and a bit scattered right now. People who are interested don’t know about other things available out there. She made this video kind of as a one-off video.

I recommend Tim Schmoyer’s eBooks at

As for videos, check out these two Youtube channels for advice: Derral Eves and Video Creators

Youtube is a beast of its own. More and more people are making a part-time or full-time living off of it. However, having studied and talked to hundreds, if not thousands, of Youtube channels all across the board from millions of subscribers to tens of thousands, I have found that earnings can vary dramatically. There are people with 2x  or 3x more views and subscribers with adsense payments barely worth a days worth of work at their full time job. These fluctuations usually have to do with the type of ads that are being served based on your content. In rare cases, I have seen channels with less views per video make a full-time living for a travel Youtuber who gets to travel the world to exotic places every week. Almost always, the people who do it well are of 2 categories:

  • They’re very business-savvy and innovative in off-line ways of making money
    • They’re very good at finding quality sponsors that work well
    • They do a variety of other things:
      • eBooks
      • Video products
      • Monthly Membership
      • Merchandise
      • Sponsorships
      • Courses
  • They get a sizeable amount of monthly views
    • Doesn’t have to be excessive. Some of them do well enough if they can get a couple million a month.

Yes, that means you can have a decent living with a fairly small audience if you can get them to purchase.

If you have 1000 true fans paying $100 a year, not a month, a YEAR, then that’s a six figure income. That’s a lot easier said than done though.


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