Best Way to Get People To Come to Your Event or Party

I have read and heard similar stories from the most well-known night club owner in California, a party business owner, and a Best-Selling author known for his ridiculous networking skills (Keith Ferrazzi). This is another similar story: the fundamentals are the same – Start small, it doesn’t have to be that great or have the most amazing people, take action, gradually grow, encourage growth, let the snowball do the rest. Perhaps I might implement this one day. It can really be used for any sort of gathering that you want to make any size in the future whether it is 100 people or 100,000 people. This can be easily used for anything, including getting more people to attend your college parties.

“One way that has been very effective for me is throwing dinner parties. Anyone can throw one, you don’t have to have a big budget. Find a friend who’s a good cook who is also interested in networking and invite all of the best people you both know that are interested in success. They don’t have to be uber successful entrepreneurs, just get ten like-minded people in a room and exciting conversations will start. Then the next week have each friend invite a guest they feel can bring something to the table. That will get the ball rolling, and it will build from there. There is a guy named David Gonzalez in Austin, Texas who started this thing called the “Internet marketing party.” David wasn’t crazy successful, he just started throwing this thing to get fellow marketers together every Wednesday night, and pretty soon he got twenty people going to this bar, which then turned into 50, and soon he was having bars beg him for business and top marketing gurus coming out to speak at the parties which were soon 200-300 people. It’s quite amazing what he did and this could be duplicated in any industry… or just keep things small and intimate. Either way, give it a name like the “Monday Marketing Mastermind” or whatever, and start doing it consistently. As the degrees of separation branch out, you’ll end up getting people in there who are high-level and great to learn from. Not to mention a group meeting like that, imagine where the people who started it are going to be five years down the road. Those who are started off as newbies, three to five years down the line, many have their own successful businesses and learn many valuable lessons to share along the way.”

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