The main thing I wanted to say was that the movie glorified debauchery and the excesses of money which was the OPPOSITE of what the actual author of the book Jordan Belfort wanted. Martin Scorsese made it seem like everything was fine and dandy with Leonardo Dicaprio in a jail that looked like a beach resort at the end of the film playing tennis. In fact, there are no jails even close to like this in real life. I think the movie was well made, produced, etc. but the whole theme was lost and it just promoted a lot of the wrong messages in youth who watched it. Ive seen dozens of college students beat their chests like Matthew Mcconaughey did in their film at a college party endorsing the debauchery on a youtube video by the channel Im Schmacked, which drives around the country and profiles college students. Many people I have talked to and observed referencing the movie all have seemed to have got the wrong message in the movie, endorsing the excesses of drugs, lying, and cheating. If you look at parodies of the movie on Youtube, it is the same thing. It seemed to me based off interviews with the actual author, Jordan Belfort, that the real message was the OPPOSITE: don’t ever do any of this, it is not worth it in the long run. Although, when he was asked if he liked the movie, he said he enjoyed it. So maybe he didn’t really care or notice the message was lost or hasn’t really fixed his ways. I apologize if my video review cuts off at the end. My camera died.

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