How to 10x Your Status: My Review of Personal Brand Creator Pro After Completing the Course

There’s a lot of conflicting advice about what leads to success in career, business, and dating. One thing almost everyone agrees on is that more status is better than less status. In this podcast episode, I review a course that I invested in and finished. This program Personal Brand Creator Pro promises to 10x your social status to improve your networking, career, business, or dating. The course is in its own niche because there really isn’t anything else out there that does specifically what it teaches, which is how to optimize your Instagram profile photos, bio, profile photo, call-to-action, link, and videos to maximize how people perceive you and reach out to you. By 10xing your Instagram, he will help you get more responses and reach-outs from the people you want to contact and turn those into events, results, or business.

I go into a lot more detail in the episode, but essentially, you’ll learn if the program was worth it, the pros and cons, my honest review after finishing all the 300+ videos, what it promises to give you, why Instagram is still the #1 social media app for networking, throwing events, and social circle growth (over TikTok and other new apps), what makes this course unique, how I found out about it through Michael Sartain, frequently asked questions answered, common mistakes I see beginners make while going through the program, whether the course is too on-dimensional or superficial by focusing on status, and much more.

As a fan of upfront conclusions, I will say I believe it was worth it. I had gone to many places for vacation or tourism, and the photos I took were terrible. They made me look like a commoner, and I can’t even post them. Looking back, I wasted many opportunities because I had no idea how to take a good photo with good composition that makes you look incredible and high-status. The good news is that I now have discovered this secret skill that will bring me to the next level.

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The program is jam-packed with content (300+ videos worth), additional deliverables (LUTS, a budget calculator, recommended photo locations, and presets) and a Facebook community and Q&A section. That said, there are some things I think could be better about the program, which you’ll hear about in the podcast. For one, it’s an ongoing skill that requires consistent effort to get better at to build results. And it’s a long-term investment with a gradual pay-off to get results.

Here’s a link to the program mentioned Personal Brand Creator Pro (affiliate link)

How I used to take photos:

Manhattan city

Me standing in front of a disney sculpture
It’s shocking looking back and realizing this photo was one of many tourist photos I took just several months before the program. I was completely oblivious to the things I was doing wrong that made this a low-value photo: the framing, the smiling looking at the camera, the fashion, the weird structures behind me, the lack of composition and leading lines. At the time, I was so hyped at seeing a complete Lego build of Mickey Mouse that I thought others could share in the excitement and this was worth showing off. Most people remain oblivious to their mistakes on IG until they take this course. I see a lot of men on IG still fail.

How I take photos now:

Colorado Sand Dune National PArk Horseshoe Bend


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