Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5-Step Process To Success and Getting What You Want Out of Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger hollywood star

I’m halfway through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography, and it is electrifying! This man grew up in poverty in Austria, won bodybuilding championships across Europe, made his dream come true of coming to America, became a multiple-time bodybuilding champion, became a millionaire in real estate, became the world’s top actor, and then became the governor of California.

There will be a book summary article coming soon, but until then, I found these great videos by Arnold with his 5-step process for getting success. He believes these five rules can apply to anyone and help anyone excel in any area of life. The video doesn’t have many views, and I think it’s underrated.

Here’s his 5-step process.

  1. Find a vision and follow it. You can have the best boat in the world, but if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re just going to be sailing in circles. Arnold grew up in a tiny place in Austria with poverty and famine. He saw footage of USA, and he knew he wanted to get there. The question was how? One day, he found out about Reg Park and his story. Reg’s life turned into his blueprint since Reg came from poverty, trained hours every day, became a regional bodybuilding champion, and then an international bodybuilding champion and wealthy actor. He decided to do the same.
  2.  Don’t think small. Most people only dream small because they’re scared of failing. They think if they have a big goal, the chances of failure is high. But Arnold thought how far can you fall? The ground is right there. And there is no failure unless you give up. As long as you keep getting up, you don’t fail. Arnold always dreamed big. He wanted to be the best bodybuilding champion and actor.
  3.  Ignore skeptics. Arnold had tons of doubters when he tried to become a bodybuilding champion and a famous lead actor. They had all sorts of reasons why he wouldn’t success everywhere he turned. They told him his accent was horrible, that the current leading men had slim bodies rather than huge ones, and he had a hard-to-pronounce last name. But he ignored them, and believed that if he worked super hard, it would pay off.
  4.  Work hard. No pain, no gain. Arnold trained five hours, managed a bricklaying business, went to college, then took acting classes from 8pm to midnight. He didn’t want to waste a second of a day.
  5. Don’t just take; give something back. There are millions of people who need your help. Arnold started training special Olympians and created after school programs to help them say no to drugs and violence. If not us, who? If not now, when?

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