2022 Personal Development Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of year again! I’m constantly monitoring prices of things throughout the year to make sure a “sale” is legitimate. And some actually are. I tend to invest online courses and other things that will further my goals during this time because some sales are legit. I tend to stay away from certain things that are fake sales, which are usually clothes sites (like H&M or J. Crew) since they sometimes jack up the prices before Black Friday so the sale comes out to be regular price.

Most people spend money during this time on things that will deteriorate or be gone quickly – a nice meal, a new pair of shoes, a nice necklace. What if you invested in yourself during this time? That’s the opportunity here: if you spent some of your time or resources to upgrade your life and mindsets to ones that are more positive and productive, you may be able to afford ten times as many shoes, meals, or necklaces.

Here are some actual deals for things that will further your earning power, mind, discipline, and life.

*This post will get constantly updated when new bargains and deals come out as we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

MindValley40% Off Memberships

MindValley is a personal development course website. Their courses have a lot of credible experts around topics related to peak performance, mind hacking, spirituality, confidence, meditation, body, mind, energy, and the soul. In the last couple years, their topics have branched to other areas, such as career, finance, building an online business, and more.

They even have a course dropping soon by Elon Musk’s mother, Maye, who is accomplished in her own right.

MindValley offers free MasterClasses if you want a taste of the course before you join, like this one by multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.

Check out MindValley!

Blinkist – The Non-Fiction Book Summary App

I’ve done reviews on Blinkist before. And they’re known for providing summaries of various non-fiction books. It’s a good way to discover new books, get refreshers on books you’ve read, and get a taste for new books. I wouldn’t recommend relying on it to absorb new books since some books really need to be read to get the full story or info. However, it’s a great supplement. They’re offering 60% off for the week of Black Friday.


blinkist black friday 2022


I’m a huge fan of MasterClass. They have the most credible teachers out of any similar education platform. There’s celebrities, presidents, CEOs of big brands, artists, you name it… From Steph Curry to Bill Clinton to Neil Tyson to Christina Aguilera to Malcolm Gladwell. And they’re constantly adding new courses every week. I have been shouting out this program from the roof top. For the price of Netflix, you’re getting way more value that can change your life. I don’t understand why barely anyone checks out my links on MasterClass or clicks through. I think it’s the best thing in the world. For Black Friday, their deal is a Buy One membership, Give One membership. It’s the thing they offer every Black Friday – not the best deal if you’re just looking to get a good deal for yourself. Still, a worthwhile investment, and a way to gift something to a like-minded individual in your circle.
masterclass deal


MasterClass doesn’t cover courses on some topics. It’s somewhat focused on business, entertainment, career, and communication. That’s where SkillShare comes in. SkillShare has a wide variety of online courses in its catalog at a higher quality than Udemy. Since it isn’t limited to enlisting celebrity teachers, it has a much larger library of courses on many topics. It fills in a lot of the gaps that MasterClass has. You may not always recognize the name of some of the teachers, but you can bet that they’ll deliver a high-quality course with the credibility of skills to back it up.

SkillShare is doing an exclusive 50% off its annual membership programs. That type of discount often only comes along once a year.


There are a few things I’m keeping my eyes on, such as Pat Flynn’s courses on building an income online and Alex Costa’s Inner Circle membership, to see if there will be deals. Alex is a top men’s lifestyle and success influencer. If he runs a promotion, I’ll have more to say about his membership since I’ve been a member myself. I’ll keep you posted if anything worthwhile pops up as we get closer to Black Friday in this article.

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