How To Escape Your Hometown And An Average Life

To some, moving out of your home state and home town in the USA is easy. Sure, it’s definitely easier than other countries. People seem to do it all the time. Most of my classmates were able to achieve that for college or after college.

For the rest of us, it’s much harder than it is for everyone else. In this podcast episode, I detail some of my story and challenges with doing so, as well as learning to love and appreciate what I have when moving as an option wasn’t working out, such as the easy access to visit family.

Since I have finally moved away, I’ve met many people who see moving across different states as easy or not newsworthy. I’ve also met people who would love to travel or move away and haven’t found a way, so they’ve also made the most of it. I’ve also visited towns and cities where you can tell by the makeup of people that they are from this area and have or will never move away, for whatever reason. Many people are still constrained to certain regions or states because of the limitations of family or work opportunities.

I talk about this, and hopefully, give some inspiration and tips on how it can be done when you think it’s not possible. I know it wasn’t as easy for me. To this day, despite the rise of remote work, some employers still have a bias for people who already live nearby when it comes to fielding interviews and job candidates, even if you’re willing to move and cover the costs yourself. I cover some strategies for getting around that.

If you’re one of those people where this comes easy to you, leave a comment and let us know how you did it. Any positive, helpful tips are welcome.

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