Why Getting What You Want Too Early Might Ruin You

Have you ever wondered why some young YouTube sensations and influencers who seemingly have it all, lose touch with reality and end up spiraling into arrogance or recklessness? It’s a captivating paradox: achieving early success can be both a dream come true and a silent nightmare. As we dive into the lives of those who have tasted success before their time, we discover that sometimes, it’s better not to get what you want too early in life.

The illusion of having it all at a tender age may seem like a dream come true. Sometimes, it can lead to a dangerous disconnect from reality and a missed opportunity to learn valuable life lessons.

In today’s fast-paced world, social media has become a powerful catalyst for propelling young talents to fame and fortune. The allure of money, fame, and a lavish lifestyle can be tempting, but it comes at a cost. Often, these early successes rob individuals of the essential experiences that shape character and promote personal growth. The very same experiences that keep us grounded, humble, and empathetic are often left behind in the pursuit of the glitzy world of extravagance.

When success arrives too soon, the journey of self-discovery and learning gets truncated. Instead of facing the trials and tribulations that build resilience, some young influencers bask in the illusion of invincibility, blinded by the glitter of their privileged lives. They miss out on the wisdom that comes from overcoming obstacles, navigating through failures, and cultivating empathy by understanding the struggles of ordinary people.

The downside of premature success becomes evident as we observe the transformation of once down-to-earth individuals into arrogant and self-absorbed figures. With a sudden influx of wealth and fame, it’s easy to lose touch with reality and indulge in reckless behavior, heedless of the consequences. The absence of life’s natural checks and balances can lead to a loss of connection with the real world, alienating them from the very essence of human experience.

Moreover, the pursuit of unbridled pleasure and perpetual luxury can rob one of the joy of small, simple things in life. Regular interactions with a diverse set of people in ordinary circumstances provide unique perspectives and life lessons that no amount of travel or indulgence can replace. Sharing laughter and heartache with people in everyday situations fosters empathy, and these experiences can be the building blocks of meaningful relationships and personal growth.

The beauty of life lies not only in its highs but also in its lows. The struggles, the mundane moments, and the connections formed with ordinary people enrich our lives with wisdom, compassion, and humility. When success comes knocking too early, it may inadvertently deprive individuals of the opportunities to appreciate these little things that make life extraordinary.

When I was younger, one of my dreams was traveling the world as a nomad, going to exotic and luxurious destinations, like the YouTuber Lost Leblanc. Had I gone on that crazy journey and achieved it while young, I may have become unorthodox or out of touch because I never would’ve experienced how typical people live with normal jobs and normal lifestyles. I could get out of touch and have a distorted perspective about their lives. I may have continued to go crazy and never stop. Who knows? I’m not saying those dreams are bad or that I should never achieve them. I think there may be a blessing hidden in the fact that I didn’t achieve those dreams early on.

Not all influencers or rich young people end up out of touch, wacky, crazy, or arrogant. I would argue it’s fine to continue to pursue your dreams. If you do achieve them early in life, make sure you ground yourself in reality in certain ways to not get out of touch. If you don’t, see the blessings in disguise. Warren Buffett got rejected from Harvard, which led him to Columbia University and to his mentor that taught him the fundamentals of value investing that built his empire. Perhaps, you dream of starting a family or having a relationship but it’s not working out yet. Maybe if you had, it would’ve forced you to settle down and you would’ve missed out on some cool adventures or career opportunities that were only possible when you were more mobile, independent, and single. You just never know.

Part of this comes down to a theme of my content, which is that you don’t need to go down a time-consuming pursuit of wealth and power to achieve happiness. Often, those pursuits won’t give you the happiness you seek anyways, just some pleasure. And it can take you many years of misery pursuing them only to realize that fact. It’s better to understand what brings happiness and short cut the process.

In addition, if all you see is success early in life, that can give you a false sense of ability and the belief. that you can’t miss, which will set you up to a brutal awakening later in life when you hit failure. There’s plenty of stories I documented over the years of this happening with CEOs and YouTubers. One recent one I did a video about was LAHWF, who was making a lot for a short period of time on YouTube back when prank videos went viral. He upped his lifestyle too much, and now, he’s working at Taco Bell, but much happier and knows how to budget his money. It can also lead to just a wackier and crazier life that keeps growing until you’re just way out of touch or just pursuing these things that don’t make you happy. There are exceptions, of course. I think Mr. Beast, a top YouTuber, is one of these exceptions because he has a few things that grounds him, including his family and old friends, he lived as a normal person for enough of his life, and he realized earlier in life that chasing a bigger and bigger box to live in won’t make him happier.

The pursuit of early success can be a double-edged sword. While it may seem like a dream come true, it can lead to a disconnection from reality, an inflated sense of self-worth, and the loss of valuable life experiences. Embracing life’s challenges, connecting with ordinary people, and cherishing the journey are essential ingredients in the recipe for personal growth and fulfillment. So, the next time you see a young star shining bright, remember the hidden costs behind their glamorous fa├žade. Sometimes, not getting what you want too early can be a blessing in disguise, offering a chance to savor the richness of life and become a better, more empathetic individual in the process.

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