How Alex Fasulo Makes Over $300,000 a Year with Fiverr

Alex Fasulo

Many of my readers email me asking me how to make money online. Some of them have little to no capital to get started with. Luckily, I have a great answer for you today.

In this podcast episode, I bring on Alex Fasulo, a freelance writer who makes over $300,000 a year on Fiverr.

Fiverr has been known as the website where you can get almost anything done for $5. The services include graphic design, videography, photo-editing, writing, voice-overs, and more.

But lately, it’s grown into much more comprehensive services platform, where you can sell gigs for any price.

In this conversation with Alex, you’ll discover:

  • How to make money on Fiverr even if you’re new
  • Myths about Fiverr
  • What to realistically expect to make in the first year
  • How Alex got her start and her best tips for maximizing Fiverr earnings
  • Why Alex is doubling down on the new social media platform Tik Tok and how she grew her audience rapidly
  • What Alex’s work-life balance, time management, travel lifestyle, and habits are like
  • Interesting new Fiverr services you could create a gig for
  • How anyone can make money on Fiverr even without skills
  • The most effects tactics to stand out on Fiverr
  • What Alex plans to do in the future
  • Much more

Will's Personal Development Podcast

Will's Personal Development Podcast

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I like how transparent Alex is with what it takes to make serious money on Fiverr. She also isn’t over-working herself to death to earn that income, which is great too, though she does work hard. Like many people, I would set my first goal as making some recurring money from Fiverr. I’d be happy with an extra $2,000 a month. I was curious about what it takes, so I bought her 30-page e-book on her website for more details. It only cost $5, so it was worth it. I’ve dabbled with Fiverr in the past, but never saw it as more than a site where I could make a tiny bit of side income. Alex’s story proves you can turn your work on there into a thriving career.


  • Alex’s Instagram
  • Alex’s Tik Tok – I highly recommend checking out her content here! She gives some great tips every day, including some that weren’t mentioned on the show, including how to find your passion (look at what Instagram accounts you follow and what you enjoyed doing as a kid) and the secret power of Fiverr Buyer Requests.
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