21 Billionaires Who Give Free Advice Online

get billionaire advice online

Believe it or not, you can get fairly frequent advice from billionaires online.

When you have over a thousand billionaires in existence, it’s not surprise that at least few are fairly plugged into the online world.And I highly recommend getting advice straight from the top rather than someone who is moderately good at a skill. And who better to turn to than billionaires?

When I have some free time, I always like to check up on these people and the new advice they’re putting out. Here are a list of billionaires that put out at least semi-frequent advice online.

1. Warren Buffett

Warren is one of the billionaires I respect the most because he has taught me great business lessons, but also, great life lessons as well. He showed me that achieving happiness, enjoying life, having humor, and maintaining family time are all just as important as making money.

Also, he’s had decades of experience across numerous industries and has stayed relevant for decades on end. Because of this, his opinion should be valued more than a billionaire who got rich quick.

You can read his shareholder letters for free on his company’s website. He releases a new one every year and it’s packed with business advice, specifically written to be easy to understand for anyone. Having said that, even though he tries to make it simple, sometimes it can still be a bit complicated. I try to focus on what I can understand.

There is a also book called The Essays of Warren Buffett that picks out the best parts of all of his letters and organizes them into topics. It’s a great book that I highly recommend. Warren has released decades of letters so far.

Also, he started live streaming his annual shareholder meetings in 2016, which you can find online. Every year, he answers questions from the audience for five to seven hours.

I also search “Warren Buffett” on Youtube every month and filter by only the latest uploads in the last week or month. Usually, someone always uploads full length clips of recent interviews he has done him, usually with CNBC. He does in-depth interviews every few months and there are hundreds of hours of gold.

Mr. Buffett also has a Twitter. But he doesn’t post much on there. Based on his personal brand alone, he’s amassed over 1 million followers on there despite barely ever tweeting. When he does tweet, it’s usually to content he deems really valuable, whether it’s investing advice, life advice, or a movement he supports.

2. Richard Branson

Similar to Buffett, Branson has taught me a lot about life, not just business. He’s taught me to not take life too seriously and to have fun.

Richard is much more plugged into social media and blogging than 99% of other billionaires. He blogs on his website Virgin.com and LinkedIn usually around once a month.

There are countless articles already published for years now to read. His books are incredible too. The most useful one I have read is his most recent, The Virgin Way. I think his writing and advice have gotten better with practice and experience. He’s good at adding real life stories into the lessons he teaches.

I tend to check up on what Richard posts fairly frequently. So far, his posts have been concise; there is no fluff and the get straight to the point. They’re fairly short but packed with actionable advice.

Out of all the billionaires on this list, I think his articles are the most useful and plentiful if you want to earn more money in business or lead a better life.

Richard tweets fairly often and is one of the most consistent bloggers out of everyone on the list. You can find him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/richardbranson. He boasts 11 million followers on there.

3. Reid Hoffman, The Oracle of Silicon Valley

Reid is the tech billionaire behind Paypal and LinkedIn. He has one of the most successful track records of investing in tech companies in history. The companies he’s invested in include Facebook, Zynga, Airbnb, and Flickr.

Having said that, his journey was not easy. There was one point where Paypal was losing millions of dollars a month. But he turned it around.

Being the founder of LinkedIn, he posts frequent value-packed articles on his LinkedIn blog. There was one point in my life where I logged into LinkedIn every day and I always say him liking or commenting on something on there every single day, which was awesome because it showed that he was a part of the community despite being a billionaire.

He also has a new podcast called Masters of Scale that you can listen to. Each episode, he interviews a master of scaling a business. Guests include fellow billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.

He’s also fairly active on Twitter.

Reid also has a book called The Startup of You (affiliate link), which is great for anyone looking to better their professional lives and earning power, even if you aren’t looking to start acompany. Some billionaires aren’t the best writers, but he does job of conveying his point in his writing.

4. Mark Cuban

Mark is the celebrity billionaire of the hit show, Shark Tank. He has maintained a blog at blogmaverick.com for many, many years. He is a fairly frequent poster on it.

Many of the posts have nothing to do with business advice. Some of it is about recent news, his predictions on bubbles and lawsuits, or macroeconomic issues. These things can be very speculative in nature and no one really knows what will happen, even a billionaire — so take his advice with a grain of salt.

Also, keep in mind that he made his money all at once by selling a company he started to Yahoo at the height of the Internet bubble. Nonetheless, you can tell he’s quite business savvy if you watch Shark Tank.

You can find him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mcuban. He boasts one of the largest followings, with seven million followers.

For the best use of your time, I suggest focusing on the articles around business advice. Like this article by him: The 6 Things You Need To Know To Be Great At Business

He also wrote a book called How To Win At the Sport of Business (affiliate link) that may be worth a read.

5. Dustin Mokovitz

Dustin is the youngest self-made billionaire in history at the age of 29 thanks to being one of the founders of Facebook. He is also the founder of Asana, a rapidly growing task assignment and management web platform.

He has his own blog at https://medium.com/@moskov. Or you can find him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/moskov.

He doesn’t update frequently but there’s a decent amount of past posts you can read.

My favorite article of his is titled “Work Hard, Live Well.” I love it because it debunks the myth that it doesn’t help you earn much more if you eat well, exercise well, and sleep well. Dustin straightforwardly acknowledges that he skipped out on these early in Facebook’s growth and it cost him. He clearly asserts that Facebook would have been a better and faster success (and he would have been a more emotionally controlled person) if he had taken some time out of work to invest in these areas.

I put Warren Buffett’s advice higher than his because Warren has spent decades perfecting his skill in business across numerous industries versus a much shorter number of years of business experience in an industry that is known for rapid wealth. You can get that growth without learning everything in business.

Nonetheless, his advice is still worth listening to considering his accomplishments in over a decade with Facebook, one of the most successful and profitable companies of our time, and his recent work with Asana.

6. Tilman Fertitta

This billionaire has a net worth of $2.7 billion. He has his own show The Billionaire Buyer, which is like a one-man show version of Shark Tank.

He has his own twitter: https://twitter.com/TilmanJFertitta

He also sometimes does live broadcast Q&A’s on Periscope. He tweets when he does on Twitter.

7. Michael Bloomberg

Mr. Bloomberg has written about a dozen articles on his LinkedIn profile. He updates unfrequently and sporadically: once every several months.

Nonetheless, it is a free avenue of getting semi-frequent advice.

Michael is also active on Instagram, a good way to get a sense for what he’s doing on a weekly basis.

8. T. Boone Pickens’s Podcast

This guy as a pretty good book (3.6 out of 5 stars) called The First Billion Is The Hardest. Yes, it’s quite the name for a book.

I’ve also heard Mark Cuban mention in an interview that the “first million is the hardest.” It’s a good lesson. Usually, the first big milestone is the hardest to achieve.

Mr. Pickens updates on his twitter fairly often. Also, he has semi-frequent interviews, speeches, and videos that are often posted online by CNN, CNBC, TED, and other organizations.

Finally, he has a podcast that he updates fairly frequently called the T. Boone Pickens Show. In one of his episodes, he had another billionaire on as a guest, Carl Icahn.

9. Carl Icahn

At $21.+ Billion dollars, he’s no novice at making money. Icahn has been pretty publicly known in certain online circles thanks to some of his appearances and fights with fellow billionaire Bill Ackman on certain investments he’s made.

He tweets fairly often and has about 250,000 followers. 

10. Marc Benioff

He is the founder of Salesforce.com and has a net worth of $3.9 Billion. Marc is an avid retweeter more than a tweeter. He is constantly on there, but most of his tweets, if not all of them, are retweets of cool articles or events that he finds on places like Time, WSJ, or his own company’s blog.

You can find him at https://twitter.com/Benioff

Marc has written a couple books that may be useful for anyone looking to start a successful Software-as-a-Service.

11. Elon Musk

He’s a very famous billionaire that almost needs no introduction. He’s the founder of Paypal, Space X, Tesla, and Solar City. He’s known for his contrarian and innovative ideas and attitudes.

Elon updates fairly frequently on Twitter to his ten million followers. He’s even looked for job candidates with his tweets.

He also occasionally does “Ask Me Anythings” (AMAs) on Reddit, usually once a year. If you’re not familiar, an AMA lets anyone ask him a question via the Internet.

Elon is more plugged into the online world than you might think. For example, he shouted out the personal blog, waitbutwhy.com, after they posted an impressive article explaining on how technology is developing at an exponential rate. He even ended up visiting the blog’s headquarters.

12. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the most famous talk show hosts of all time, but most people don’t know she’s a billionaire.

She is always in the limelight and has one of the largest followings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Her YouTube is alright. Having said that, in terms of actionable content, I recommend consuming her social media in this order of priority: Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. This is because you really only get the long-form, juicy discussions on success from longer videos.

Search for “Oprah’s Masterclass” on Youtube to get started.

I also recommend you check out her book, What I Know For Sure, and my article on what I’ve learned from studying her life intensely.

13. Bill Gates

He’s consistently been the richest person in the world.

Bill has his own blog at gatesnotes.com. It’s mainly about world issues and philanthropy. However, he also writes a decent amount of book reviews and does annual summer reading lists, which I love going through.

He has the largest Twitter followings out of all the billionaires, at 36 million.

His team also posts for him on Instagram. While most of the stuff here is what you’ll already see on his blog. You do get some insightful images and thoughts from his past or what he’s doing now.

14. John Paul DeJoria

The billionaire John Paul has a Twitter at https://twitter.com/johnpauldejoria

He tweets on a monthly or weekly basis of high quality interviews of him you can watch. I learned a lot of great advice from these videos.

15. Michael Dell

Michael Dell is a billionaire behind Dell Computers. He blogs on a semi-consistent basis (about once a month) on his LinkedIn blog. You can find him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MichaelDell.

16. Robert Pera

Robert earned a spot on the Top 10 youngest billionaires list on Forbes when he was 36. He’s the founder of Ubiquiti Networks and owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, an NBA team. He has his own blog that he blogs on fairly frequently. However, it is effectively useless if you’re looking for wealth advice. His articles are all on technological topics that are beyond the understanding of most people.

18. Sara Blakely

Sara is a one-of-a-kind, vibrant female billionaire worth $1.3 Billion. You can get an inside look at her world and get some inspirational advice through Instagram. She loves posting photos of amazing mugs. But that’s not all she posts. She has posted some incredibly useful photos, captions, and Instagram stories detailing the struggles she’s been through and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

19. Jeff Bezos

Regarded as the CEO of the era by Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos is a titan.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t release much content. However, his team does put out content of what he’s doing now (lots of great videos) on his Instagram.

20. Mark Zuckerberg

Since Mark owns Facebook and Instagram, it would make sense that he posts on there most, while avoiding posting on competitors, like LinkedIn and Tumblr.

He posts short and long-form essays, notes, and images on his personal Facebook profile.

You can find his photos on his Instagram here.

21. David Rubenstein

This Washingtonian billionaire has his own talk show you can watch, the David Rubenstein Show. That’s right. Partnered with PBS and Bloomberg, he interviews the world’s game changers. Guests include Oprah Winfrey and the current CEO of Microsoft. You can view it on PBS or YouTube.

Bonus: The Investor Archive

Investor Archive is a little known YouTube channel that curates and documents interviews and other video content of billionaires that made their money through investing. Not all of their content is from billionaires, but a good portion is. You will have to do your own background checks to verify each person is a billionaire, but they release a lot good content from obvious billionaires too, like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos.


My favorite out of all of these? Probably Richard Branson because he actually makes an effort to have a semi-consistent schedule of blogging about something substantive that actually teaches through social media platforms.

This conclusion is probably the most important part of this article. It’s impressive the access we have with the internet if we know where to look. However, I don’t recommend just blindly reading advice from any billionaire.

This list is very useful because you’re getting money-making and business advice from some of the best in the game. Other people listen to other average people for advice or a millionaire who just made their first million and have a lot of lessons to learn ahead of them.

However, it’s not always the right thing to do to listen to billionaires. I prefer focusing on what I want to be good at and see who is most relevant, accomplished, and experienced. If I want to be good at Youtube, the top YouTubers are not billionaires, but it’s more relevant.

And as far as accomplishment and experience, I put more value in someone like Warren Buffett, who has spent 50+ years growing his business skill in numerous industries versus a tech start-up billionaire who did it fast. Both are probably more useful than your uncle Bob’s advice, though.

Other than blogs online, I prefer books to get direct access to billionaires. There’re 80+ books by billionaires and I can get much more relevant. Many of the people listed here have written one or more books themselves or have had books written about them with more advice than what’s online.

As the internet becomes more of a common thing, there will more likely be more and more billionaires who update on some level frequently. I’m sure you can also find one-off posts by multiple billionaires not listed here. Many have done one-off guest posts or have their own public Twitter.

If you know of any frequent updating billionaires not listed on here, let me know in the comments so I can add it to the list.

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