How To Get A Full-Time Digital Marketing Job Without A Degree or Experience in 3 Months or Less

How To Get A $50K+ Job Without A Degree or Experience in 3 Months or Less

Just a few years ago, I was in a dark, confused place when it came to finding a passion and career that pays the bills. I had decided that I didn’t want to become a doctor after graduating from university and taking the MCAT. I also knew I didn’t want to pursue anything in scientific research, but I knew that was a possibility as a last resort with my science degree. At that time, I had little to no belief I could get a high paying, fun job in another industry with no degree or experience in that field.

What resulted was some of the slowest, darkest years of my life. I went through tons of books on finding your passion, finding a job, and networking. I consumed a lot of educational content on social media about how to find a job using social media and the Internet. I paid for a couple online courses and made many lists, journal entries, and Venn diagrams to find the intersection of passion, skill, and income.

If I could have gone back in time, I would have shown myself this free digital marketing career mini-course by Seth Hymes that I want to talk about today. It would’ve saved me at least two years of time trying to figure out how to apply for a job and get a job in a field I enjoy. Instead, I was struggling to figure out what to do, and get my foot in the door during in an era that was coming out of the recession. I was stuck in the blackhole of online job applications, where you would submit to a hundred listings a day and get zero responses.

It was a tough, long time for me because I had all this free time and I was bored a lot, so I had too much time to think and every minute felt like an hour. Days went by and anxiety was replaced with dread that I would never be able to find a good job. I remember staring at a wall, folding napkins for my food and dining job that I was holding until I could find a better job, and realizing that there was a coworker here who was in a similar boat (with a science degree) a decade ago and yet was still working with me as a waiter.

The Secret Industry Filled With Opportunities

Well, I want to introduce you to a rapidly introducing industry that has a high demand for entry-level jobs, a low supply of talent (so that means less competition for you), one of the most exciting things you can do, good-paying ($35K to $60k for your first job), and a short time period that you need to be trained to get your first position. That industry is digital marketing.

It’s one of my favorite industries in the world because almost every business needs marketing on the Internet in the modern world to generate a good portion of their sales. Also, it’s an industry that most people partaking out of education or entertainment every day. Celebrities are involved. Social media influencers are involved. And the coolest social media websites and places people visit online are involved. I love this industry before I even knew that it was a possible place you could make a living in.

Digital marketing is essentially the skill of finding relevant people online who would possibly buy your product and getting them to buy your product. But it’s not easy to get a job. You can’t just say that you use Instagram for fun and land a position. And that was my first issue once I determined that this was the industry I want to get in. I had a hard time getting any response when I applied online and networked with people in this industry in person and through LinkedIn.

In Demand Digital Marketing Job
Wow! Over 50,000 openings for digital marketing jobs in the U.S.

Yes, I did mention that there is a low supply and high demand. But there is a chicken and egg problem with experience. Marketing departments and agencies want a ton of people with at least one year of experience for entry-level jobs. But how does someone get that to get started even though they are willing and able? This course breaks down how to overcome this experience paradox. This course outlines all the details to defeating this obstacle.

I have successfully established a career in this industry on my own. But I kept hearing about this course on YouTube and saw dozens of video testimonials from successful students, especially from a channel called Engineered Truth. I knew how much of a problem this is and how many ambitious, young people wanted to get their foot into this industry because they have come up to me and told me about it. That’s why wanted to talk about this course, and that’s why I tried out the course myself. I had already hidden discovered a lot of the basics through months and years of my own trial and error. But I still learned a few things here and there, which hone my skills and knowledge even more so that I knew what to do and what not to do.


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This course goes into a lot of detail on how to apply to job listings effectively, which sites to go to, how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume so you stand out, and how to succeed during the job interview. All of these things are of vital to the skill of job hunting yet most people don’t realize it. Just doing whatever you want isn’t going to cut it. The people who beat you during the job hunting process have hone their skills and know how to position themselves effectively in every stage of this process, which this course lays out.


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Seth’s free mini-course explains what this industry is about in detail, breaks down each subcategory of this industry in detail (like Google Ads PPC, Social Media Marketing, SEO, etc.), shows you how valuable an opportunity it is for any young professional who is looking to move into this profession, and then unveils the secrets to getting your foot in the door in this industry.

After his free mini-course, you get the chance to purchase his paid course. So who is his paid course for?

It’s for anyone, young or old, who is interested in possibly moving into the industry of digital marketing. This person should be somewhat interested in creative and analytical tasks because these jobs require using both sides of your brain. This course for anyone who is excited and interested in making a good salary ($40 to $60k depending on location) right out of the gate with room for raises and growth. And this course is for anyone who is willing to spend a couple of months to get trained through this course on basic digital marketing skills so that there competent enough to apply for these jobs. (That’s a great deal considering that many people pay tens of thousands of dollars for a college or graduate school degree and invest years of their life only to find out that this degree is near useless for obtaining a job.)

So that means this course is not for anyone who is not interested in a creative and analytical job that requires a bit of math and some creativity.


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Check out this link to sign up for Seth’s free mini-course about how to get a $40- to $60K a year job in digital marketing. If you end up purchasing the paid course later on and signed up to the mini-course through my links, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend stuff that I believe will benefit my readers; I’m very picky with my promotions.


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If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you will know that I almost never promote products or courses except for books you can buy on Amazon or the occasional app. That’s because I have your best interests in mind, and I vet a lot of personal development products, from journals to courses to other gadgets in the personal development space. Frankly, I choose not to mention any of them because I don’t think they’re worth it. But this time, I think that this course is worth it and fills a need out there.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me through my contact page or replying to any of my emails in my email newsletter. I’ll be sure to respond to all of them.

Join Seth’s free course here. Afterwards, you’ll get a chance to purchase his paid course.

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  1. Seth’s course is $800, which is a steep price for someone that doesn’t make the starting $40k. Why doesn’t he just say that upfront before the fact?

    1. Hi there! I know you’re a long term YouTube subscriber. I’m slow to answer because you’ve made some negative, disagreeable but also thoughtful, well said comments in the past. I just want to make sure this isn’t a troll or an invasion of privacy comment, and there’s legitimate reason you’re asking before I answer other than just to find more about my private life. This community is about positivity rather than trolling or spreading hate. So may I ask why you’re asking? Be honest. I want to help others and spread positivity, so I’ll be happy to answer if the request is legitimate.

      1. I’m just curious as to how legit the course really is and if it really works in 3 months or less with no experience or degree. So that’s why I was wondering what kind of companies you can get a job with by taking this course. Are they big name, reputable companies? If you’re not comfortable in sharing, that’s fine. No biggie :). Btw, I don’t think I’ve ever made any “trolling” comments, so not sure why you would think that this would be a troll. I’ve disagreed with some things in the past you’ve said, but I’ve felt I’ve always done so respectfully. And I think any criticism I’ve given has been constructive. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to respond. If you do want to answer my question, feel free.

        1. Ah, okay. I appreciate the respect you’re giving here and in other comments. You’re right that you’ve been mostly respectful. I did reply to a couple comments from five years ago that weren’t nice, but I forgive you, and I understand that was probably years ago when you first came on my videos. I am glad you are empathetic enough to understand I have to draw the line on privacy with people I don’t know their faces or names.

          So regarding the course: A lot of the testimonial videos out there, like the ones on Engineered Truth’s channel, will show that they got entry-level jobs at marketing agencies in a couple months. I got a job at a marketing agency at the low end of the salary range. The salary will vary depending on how expensive the cost of living of the area is you apply. Once you get a couple years of experience under your belt, you can increase your income and/or apply for large company’s marketing departments or other agencies. Big name companies like Coca-Cola are going to be tough. They’re more accessible with experience under your belt.

          Thanks for your kind words!

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