Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Analysis: Do You Really Need 10,000 Hours To Succeed?

outliers by malcolm gladwell analysis
Is it true that those who pass 10,000 hours of practice succeed in basketball? Find out below

Doesn’t matter what your life goal is.

If any bit of you wants to accomplish game-changing things in the world – in sports, in business, in art, in martial arts, in school, or in a video game…

Today’s video is a must-watch.

It’s a gift to the world to unleash all of your untapped potential. And our mentor for the day is none other than the famous Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers (a well-known book on success). Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell analysis:

  • The unconventional (and super-specific) number of hours Malcolm says you need to spend to become a master and why.
  • Why this rule has been misinterpreted and misused; What to do instead.
  • The takeaway you can use to succeed and why you can get what you want even if you didn’t luck out in life.

Also, if you’ve ever heard of Malcolm or his books (he’s sold millions of copies and is well known in certain communities online), pay particular attention towards the end of the video.

Because you’ll learn how to bypass the “I didn’t luck out. I have no change” syndrome.

We’re all ambitious people. We all want to be extraordinary in some way. My hope is that this video fires you up to create a game-changing, incredible life.

Now, I want to hear from you. What’s the #1 biggest lesson you’re taking away from this conversation, and why? Yes, more than one lesson is allowed – but I’m really interested in what hit your gut the most.

Leave a comment and let me know. Remember, try your best to share as much as you can because many ambitious people come here every day for community and insight.

What you have to say may just be the idea someone else needs to change their life.

Thank you for watching and sharing.

Your fire lights up the world (in a good way).

P.S. Just listened to a podcast about a man who chose to live like it was his last year alive. I’ve heard this self-help saying for a while now but haven’t truly executed on it. Maybe a topic for another day? One thing’s for sure:

You and I can both have more fun as we grind out our 10,000 hours.

Keep up the heat,


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