The 5-Day Overcome Procrastination Challenge: Day 4 “Hoplessness”

This is the second-to-last day of our 5-day challenge on building willpower, a habit, getting something done, and not procrastinating!

As a recap, we’re doing this challenge together. You pick any activity you’ve been putting off, and we do it together. I chose writing articles as my activity.

I chose the theme of today’s article to be hopelessness because we all face it when we build some steam, get discouraged, miss a day, drop the ball, or don’t see the results we expected. One thing I’m not seeing so far is any comments on any of my articles so far for this challenge! It’s discouraging because I don’t know if I’m speaking to an empty room or not. I asked people to comment, and I’m not getting anything.

I think the point here is that even if you get discouraged or miss a day, you keep going. You pick things back up. You don’t beat yourself up. Because that’s how you get back on track and keep the momentum going. Since we’re not perfect and often beginners, we will mess up. Life gets in the way. Maybe we’re lazy or not as disciplined as we should yet. And that’s okay!

So, that’s why I still showed up today even though I haven’t got any engagement. What I do know is that the person who requested this challenge in the first place exists. He wrote in via email and told me he wanted something like this. So, I don’t know if he’s even saw this or followed along, but I know at least one person cares about this, and I’m sure I’ll email him to tell him about this challenge if he isn’t aware already. (He should be, each article should get sent out to the email list he’s on.)

Anyhow, let me know how your day 4 is going. Excited to round it out on day 5! I think five days was perfect. It wasn’t too drawn out or intimidating!

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