The 5-Day Overcome Procrastination Challenge: Day 5 “Achievement”

I did! This is the final day of my five-day challenge to end procrastination. I chose writing an article every day, you were challenged to follow along with me and to leave a comment about your progress.

I saw an Instagram reel of Mike Tyson saying that discipline is doing something you don’t want to do and doing it like you love doing it. I like this perspective a lot because people make the false assumption that once you find your passion, everything is easy. In reality, research has shown that those with the most willpower succeed most in the careers and their incomes. And willpower is all about diverting a reserve of energy and your brain to do something you don’t want to. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Another bit of good news is that willpower is buildable, like a muscle. If you suck at it now, you’re not doomed. The book Willpower by Roy Baumeister goes into a lot of the science behind it.

I’ll tell you this challenge wasn’t smooth like butter for me. There were moments, I would a 2 out of 5 on intensity, where I didn’t want to write. I felt I could be doing something more pleasant, like watching TV or relaxing. But I did it anyways! I can’t say I’m an expert. There’s plenty of feats or habits that others do that I can’t. But I can say I’ve blogged for five days in a row now, and not many have done that! It’s about pushing past that willpower. Choosing something you enjoy helps. But you can’t rely on that.

With that, I want to offer you a new program I created you can join called Procrastination Pro! In this program, I will teach you what I’ve learned about building habits and discipline even if you have low willpower, like me. I am open to ideas for what you prefer this program to be, whether it’s weekly live coaching, group calls, an accountability community, or a 4-week video course with modules. When you join, you’ll be taken to a new Facebook group I made for the program, and we’ll take it from there based on what you want.

The price is “pay what you think it’s worth” with a minimum requirement payment of at least $1. That way, you can’t say that money is holding you back. Join Procrastination Pro, and work directly with me!

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