I Tried Selling on Amazon FBA to Make Money: Here’s What Happened

Amazon FBA experiment

I recently wrote an article about the truth about making money online.

Some of my email subscribers had wrote in requesting advice and honesty on the topic. They were familiar but skeptical of all the ways of making money digitally (affiliate marketing, drop shipping, info products, Shopify, consulting, etc.) and wanted to know which pathway was best for them.

In that article, I broke down how it isn’t nearly as easy as everyone claims it is. If they show off too much or tell you it’s easy, they’re trying to sell you something.

This is especially important since almost every couple months, I discover more and more young so-called “experts” on YouTube, Instagram, blogs, or Facebook showing off their lives and trying to teach you how they did it — even though they’re clearing making their money from teaching you.

I don’t want to discourage you. Making money online is definitely a real thing. And it is possible to make a lot of it in an ethical, sustainable way. Amazon has made billions from it. It’s beautiful because it’s virtual so anyone can get started no matter where they are from.

Near the end of the article, I explained a side hustle called Amazon FBA (also called “Selling on Amazon”) and mentioned that I was going to walk through the whole process with you in the future.

I chose this side hustle because I thought was one of the best because it was simple, low effort, high return, low investment, and something you can start anywhere.

I’ve gotten emails eagerly asking about it since and it’s finally done. I filmed all the steps, from A to Z, on video. But there were some unexpected surprises.

In this free video, you’ll discover:

  • how to test side hustles to see if it’s something you would be passionate about.
  • why constant testing like this is so important.
  • why I don’t think this side hustle is for me even though it may be great for you. 
  • the fun, awesome parts of Amazon FBA.
  • how I struggled with tons of procrastination and overcame it to get this video done for you.
  • why strong procrastination is a sign for change.
  • hidden costs and tasks needed for this side hustle.
  • the downsides and truth about what it’s like to do Amazon FBA.
  • much more.

Watch the video below:

While Amazon FBA wasn’t enjoyable or successful for me, it can work for you. I recommend you get started by listening to this podcast interview on Pat Flynn’s show. You can also use free tutorials on www.OnlineSellingExperiment.com, as an instruction guide throughout the process.

On a related note, I discovered an incredible book and website that were just launched live that would be great for everyone out there interested in this topic.

The book is called Side Hustle and its by the famous blogger and world traveler, Chris Guilleabeau. He’s visited every country in the world and coached thousands of people in starting different side hustles.

His book illustrates very well why a side hustle is one of the best ways to start out while minimizing risk. This is because you can build a gig on the side while having something sustainable full time. It also breaks down how you can have different goals with a side hustle: some people want it to turn into a full-time business and others just want extra side income.

Here’s my video review and a summary of the book, Side Hustle:

His new website, SideHustleSchool.com is even better than the book. There are new podcast episodes on there constantly detailing all sorts of creative side hustles in industries you never would have thought existed. He has a huge audience to draw from and picks out the most inspiring, unique stories to profile.

I’ll definitely be listening to a few of those, and I think it’s the best resource out there, by far, on the internet around this topic.

Are you interested in a future article detailing if I actually made any sales or came out positive in return on investment from this hustle?

Passion and enjoyment are vital components of a good side hustle because they make them sustainable over time. This hustle didn’t work out for me but I want to try another. I’ve heard a lot about how freelancing is the fastest and most reliable way to start making hundreds or thousands a month.

Should I do an experiment on freelancing and share the results?

If so, leave a comment.

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