10 Things You Can Do To Increase Sales with Webinars

Each one of these tips can make you thousands of additional dollars.

And there’s numbers to back it up.

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself. 

If you’re in a business and you are selling something, I hope you have heard of webinars.

If you haven’t, tons of people are talking about the ridiculously high conversions to sales on them.

They actually work really well no matter what you’re selling: coaching, physical products, real estate, digital ebooks or online courses….

If you know how to  do it right.

I see a lot of people teaching beginners on how to create webinars that convert people into sales.

I pretty much see a lot of people teaching others on a ton of things: how to create your first online course, how to sell your first ebook, how to make money through Youtube, Facebook, social media, Periscope, and everything else.

However, there is really not that much for intermediates and beyond who are really doing fairly well and already have a blog or social media platform or webinar that converts.

So, without further ado, these are the Top 10 strategies you can use to increase the percentage of sales on webinars.

Please respect this article like you paid thousands of dollars for it, or you will not value the information.

As people actually do charge that much for this knowledge and get away with it.

Note: This article is constantly being updated.

1. Keep them on the Webinar!

Use real-time live value bonuses to boost show-up rates. Must be actually really valuable and only available during the webinar.

Ewa Wysocka of Mindvalley increased show up rate to 30 to 35% by doing this with exclusive, live chakra workshops during the webinar.

She does Webinars with 9000+ live attendees. You can do this with maybe live mini-coaching. Be creative. Source: Mindvalley insights

2. Tweak the Registration Page!

A detailed webinar description on the registration page increases registrations.

Source: Neil Patel: “a more detailed version of the webinar description converted 12.8% better than the original, with a 98% confidence interval.” Having sign up forms on the LEFT side of the registration page increased sign-up’s by 15%Removing bio’s of presenters on the registration page completely increased conversion rate by 19.3% with a confidence interval of 99.96%. 

3. Offer a Demo or Free Trial!

Offer a demo of the product. Leads are often driven by this question. Source: Neil Patel “found that offering a demo converted over 10% better than offering a free trial.”

4. Don’t make it a Hard Sales Pitch!

Don’t make it a sales pitch.

Give value, educate, and show how your product can solve their problems. Neil Patel has found that a more aggressive approach to get them to buy in the middle of the webinar dropped attendee rate by 20-30%.

5. Triple your Revenue and Increase Stick Rate with Constant Question-Answering

Answer relevant questions throughout the webinar presentation rather than just at the Q&A at end. 

Tripled revenue and increased attendee stick rate to 98% by doing this. 

Keep it natural and keep the flow going. Do a couple questions every now and then. Say out loud their name and question before you answer. Note: results are based on only a few webinars.

Source: Tim Paige of LeadPages (on track to 450+ webinars and Guinness World Record holder for most webinars done)

6. Tweak Your Presentation Slides to Include Their Frequently Asked Questions

Use most asked questions in Q & A to tweak your slides/presentation to make them better. Russell Brunson went from 30k to 120k in sales with this.

Editor’s note: Anecdotal evidence. Not based on a large enough sample size.

7. Consider a directory of your old Webinars

Consider having a directory of old webinars. Source: Neil Patel “old webinars provided about 20% of our overall webinar leads, which is nothing to sneeze at.”

Editor’s note: Neil gives them away for free in exchange for an email. Kimra Luna charges $40 for them.

8. Double or Triple Your Sales with 1 or More Upsells

Proper use of upsells and cross-sells:

Some of these points alone can make you tens of thousands of dollars when implemented properly on an already working system.

This is one of them.

Do this properly.

After the sale, do 1 or 2 proper upsells or downsells. Don’t leave out content (very rude to do and won’t work) from something they just bought and try and sell that. Instead, have an add-on in a related field they need help in or personal coaching. Be ethical. Sources: Ryan Lee, Russell Brunson, Amy Porterfield

9. Do Them More Frequently

Double down on what’s working.

If webinars are working, do them more frequently.

Especially during a launch or promotion.

Facebook Ads seem to be working really well for people.

Note: Some people are doing better with Facebook Ads to a cold audience by not using their face in the ad at all since they don’t know you yet. Source: Amy Porterfield.

I have my own opinions on this since I know human psychology reacts differently to a face. Kimra Luna uses her face via Facebook video to cold audiences. Works great for her, especially with her blue hair.

Russell Brunson traced all his sources of income and found the biggest bang for his buck for his time came from webinars. (in terms of money made for time spent -> He makes tens of thousands per hour as do many others.)

So he stopped doing other stuff and did webinars more frequently. 

Simple, but I see a lot of small businesses not do this.

Editor’s note: Russell also makes a great point I want to emphasize:

If you made your first $1000 with a webinar or anything else, don’t go on a shopping spree.

That’s an amateur move. Reinvest that back into the system and grow it out. You have a working high return.

Also, just do tasks that give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of money. Stop wasting time on fruitless tasks. But then again, this blog was not made to attract amateurs. So let’s cut it short there and move on.

10. The “Starting Now” Hack

Change the title of your webinar to include **STARTING NOW** 20 minutes before. Source: Leadpages has shown this increases show up by at least 20%

Time to over-deliver:

Bonus Tips:

11. GoToWebinar is best software for increasing attendance rates as of right now.

Neil Patel’s seeing a 15-38% increase.

Cons: A bit pricey ($99/month)

Test. Test out different things.

Kimra Luna prefers Chatwing as a chat service and Google Hangouts (free), despite having tried GoToWebinar.

I also think it may be better than other chats for webinars. It allows the audience to converse among themselves, which increases community and quality of questions. Gotowebinar’s chat messages are sent into the abyss and you can’t see other people chat and you don’t know if it’s automated or what.

And you get to better see what others want.

And test a lot. You need a large sample size to really see if a result means anything.

12. The Cliff-Notes Technique

Write a bullet point summary of your webinar presentation.

Send it on the last day before the webinar goes down.

An additional 150 thousand dollars of a total of 250k came from the follow-up with this strategy. Source: Russell Brunson (https://player.fm/series/marketing-in-your-car/episode-121-notes-from-within-the-inner-circle)

Note: the essence of this strategy may be more importance than the specifics of actually using bullet points.

13. Follow-Up and Ask

The follow-up is crucial and can double your earnings if done properly.

Not everyone is ready to buy immediately.

Some need to think about it and get to know you better. You may seem the bulk of your sales on the last moments before you close out in a follow-up email sequence after the webinar.

Warm your audience: With a blog or weekly/daily/monthly content, they can get to know you more. This is why Neil Patel responds to comments to this day.

Send a limited time replay for 48 hours (test how long for your market 2 to 4 days) with good copy, listing the benefits of your product. Don’t hard sell. Send more than one email.

Track where they left the webinar (in the middle, at the end, before the sales pitch) -> have custom email-follow-up’s for each of these groups including changes to the email subject line to follow-up if they don’t open.

Survey them on why they didn’t buy and/or stay. Use that knowledge in future presentations. Source: Neil Patel, MyWifeQuitHerJob, and Russell Brunson


Time to over-deliver some more: 

For an extensive list of 35+ more tips like this and links to sources, click here. 

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