Why Reading Nonfiction Books Can Improve Your Life (And How To Magically Choose the Right Book)

Do you ever wonder why people read nonfiction books? Have you ever said, “What’s the big deal with books?

Or maybe you love reading fiction books, but you view nonfiction as boring history books and biographies.

If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone. This was how I viewed nonfiction all the way up to high school.

But what if these books held the key to changing your life, achieving all your dreams, and getting everything you ever wanted?

That’s exactly what I am covering in today’s video.

You will learn why books can hold ideas that can get you what you want if you put it into action and how to choose the right book in an age of information overload:

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Is there a problem you have that keeps you up at night that you think a book might help solve?

What topics are you interested in that probably have a lot of scientific research curated in a book ready for you to read?

Leave a comment and let me know. And share as much detail as you can because your story may be exactly what another reader needs to make a breakthrough.

Remember, in this world of information overwhelm and new “tactics”, timeless principles of the ages will always be the most useful.

Thanks so much for watching, reading, sharing, and joining the conversation.

It’s awesome to see this gathering of ambitious, hard-working, amazing people on this corner of the Internet.

Keep up the hustle,


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By Will Chou

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