3 Secret Habits of Millionaires

Billionaire secrets

Do you feel like you can’t get to a level because it seems like billionaires are perfect at everything?

Naturally, we all feel frustrated when we compare ourselves to people who seem to have every area of their life on point on Facebook or Instagram.

But I was really intrigued when I recognized some patterns in wealthy individuals. One of which is that they aren’t good at most everyday activities in life, like exercise, cooking, or cleaning. They’re only world-class at what matters to their work.

I even read an article by Paul Brunson, a man who mentored under two billionaire for years, that supported my finding.

If you haven’t heard, creating wealth starts with the right mindset. I’ve read a lot of books that mention how the author had all the right resources but couldn’t achieve the wealth desired until the mind was fixed. A great one is Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. 

Without further ado, I’m excited to share with you this week’s video. So let me ask…

What assumptions do you have about wealthy people that aren’t based on solid evidence?

Ever feel like some of the habits or behaviors of your past hold you back from your full wealth potential?

Have you ever wondered what mindsets truly glues successful people together?

If so, I think you’re going to love today’s video outlining three surprising patterns of billionaires.

Note: this is based on my studies of thousands of wealthy individuals. It’s not a generic, viral article that was churned out by a media outlet writer with no research.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the most important action step you will take immediately from this video to better your life?

Leave a comment below and let me know your answer.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Incredible people come here every week for insights and your comment may help someone else advance forward.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments.

No matter how big your goals are, you might just be able to accomplish them given a long horizon.

Thanks for sharing your voice and making this corner of the Internet positive, ambitious, and awesome.

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By Will Chou

I am the the founder of this site and I am grateful you are here to be part of this awesome community. I help hard-working Asian American Millennials get rich doing work they love.


  1. i visit your website thru my office PC, but the videos are not allowed to play due to security settings. request you to put the transcript or written message with the video message since it will be better for people without video play option. thanks

    1. Thanks I’ll take you feedback into account. I don’t have the time to add those in. Maybe when I get big one day and have more leverage. For now, there’s plenty of blog posts here you can read without depending on audio

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