How To Be More Interesting: A Must-Watch For Artists & Storytellers

How to be interesting with a boring life and job

When you think about getting your work out there in a bigger way or coming across interesting, do you ever get caught by thoughts like…

“But what if the hobbies I love to do are boring to other people?”

“What if my business industry is the most boring industry on earth? I’m having a really difficult time seeing how my products or work would seem interesting to anyone besides me!”

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” -Seth Godin [Tweet This]

While that might be a bit far to say that people buy stories, people do have a genetic connection to story and have for thousands of years.

By putting your words into a story, people are more likely to listen. People have passed information down this way by a campfire for thousands of years. Books and computers are a new thing in the grand scheme of things.

Most of us have a hard time valuing what we do, especially if we do it everyday. We let awesome, interesting things in our life slip by unnoticed.

I’m a culprit of this myself. I’ve found myself painting my life as much more boring than it should be to others.

It’s can be tougher if what we do is generally seen as “boring” by outside standards… or is it?

What if you could turn what you do into a beautifully, interesting story that wows anyone you share it with without changing a thing about how you do things?

If you’re an artist, you’re known for being interesting and creative. But even you have periods of writer’s block or blank ideas.

If you want to look at creativity in a new way and learn how to be more interesting with stories, watch this now. It will work even for boring lifestyles or industries.

Here are the books mentioned in the video (affiliate):

#AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Things Done by John Carlton

Today’s challenge is important and should take you less than a minute. Please don’t be the lazy person and actually take action on this one.

In the comments below, give me at least 1 story about your life. Make it as interesting as possible. If you’ve got more, keep writing.

It doesn’t matter how successful or amazing your life is or isn’t. I’ve started to realize that the most interesting people in the world make what they have interesting.

Having said that, I bet there’s another level of potential waiting for you to unleash. Actually having a more interesting life helps.

My second challenge is to commit to making your life more interesting on a weekly basis. Maybe that means going to the farmers market or signing up for an archery class. Come back in a week and tell me your story.

Most importantly, being more interesting and engaging creates a powerful ripple effect towards achieving all your other goals.

You do draw in more people, you have more to talk about, you become happier, and you live a more enjoyable life.

Thank you for reading and watching!

Keep up the heat,


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