Michael Sartain on How to Build a Social Circle of High-Value Men and Women

In this podcast episode, I talk with Michael Sartain, a millionaire TV star on Millionaire Matchmaker, an Air Force veteran, Las Vegas resident, red carpet host, and social media influencer. This interview has been one of my favorites since it’s packed with knowledge bombs. We talk about:

  • fashion advice
  • the lifestyle of the Las Vegas elite
  • social media (especially Instagram) culture
  • the benefits of female friendships for men
  • why “be yourself” advice doesn’t work
  • secrets of networking with high-value people
  • why the truth is often much simpler and boring than you think
  • how to talk to highly attractive women without being intimidated
  • why you should follow successful people’s actions over advice you consume for making money or dating
  • why friendships and networking is about caring about someone and helping them, not manipulating or expecting something back
  • much more
  • (my favorite part is around 45:00 – 53:00)

Will's Personal Development Podcast

Will's Personal Development Podcast

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Resources Mentioned & Related Resources

Books by Sheryl Sandberg

Books by Steven Pinker

Books by Dr. David Buss

The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi

What Women Want by Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller

The Friendzone | The Mating Grounds podcast

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Some of My Takeaways

1) making female friends and not objectifying them and respecting them will get you more women not less, they’ll introduce you to people, point out what you’re doing wrong, etc.

2) most hot women meet their boyfriend through an introduction through a friend

3) make female friends because you genuinely care about the other person and their problems and trust them (which is what friendship is), don’t do it to manipulate them into introducing you to others

4) surround yourself with other people who also have an abundance mindset

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