Professional athletes cant do this.

Professional athletes cant do this.

What is it?

It’s an exercise I call┬áthe Jane Fonda.

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You need to be able to do at least 30 on both sides to be healthy.

Why cant they?

They dont train obscure muscle groups and flexors like this. Plus it looks feminine so they avoid it.

The point of this video is: exercise, health, and nutrition are critical to your success.

Want to double your energy levels naturally without the use of drugs?

Want to get two times more done?

Be in shape!

It seems so simple yet so many people avoid it.

Sometimes, the answers are much simpler than you think.

When you eat right and work out, you will feel the effects over an extended period of time:

Your mind is sharper, you feel better, you think clearer, you can do more.

This is ALSO a lesson in working on obscure exercises.

The best athletes and people in the best health don’t just do only bicep curls.

I took a semester long class in exercise physiology and they drilled in me with dozens of scientific studies how the most important exercise for your health, your longevity, to extend they day you die…

is aerobic exercise.

What’s that?

It’s cardio:

Run, job, swim, but KEEP YOUR HEART RATE UP.

Do it for at least 20 minutes a day. But start lower if you can’t be consistent.

Consistency is more important.

If you can do 5 minutes a day every day for 3 months that is better than 10 hours for one day and a 3 month break.


Make sure you do Jane Fonda’s or you are prone to injury and pains.


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