Useful Videos on Success in Life, Happiness, Self-Development, & More

I made playlists of recommended, useful videos people would find useful that would better their lives. These videos cover all broad areas of personal development so that almost anyone ambitious would find them useful.

These are applicable to almost everything and will guide you on your journey to success. As I have said numerous times, Youtube is a VERY useful thing that can aid you immensely on your journey to success if you use it properly. Unfortunately, some of the videos on there get deleted every month or every year. I do not know why. Sometimes, it is copyright. Sometimes, it is some rebranding of the channel. Regardless of the reason, watch as many as you can now because I know maybe up to half may be gone 10 years from now.

Sometimes, I listen to just the audio while I am playing a video game or out jogging at 2x speed. I have watched a lot more educational and entertaining videos on youtube than just this. This is a small slice of the pie. Unfortunately, I did not document or record doing so until now. But what you have here should be more than enough. Pick out one a day and you’ll be glad you did.

Click here for How To Be Successful As A Student Playlist

Click here for a Science of Happiness Playlist

Click here for a How To Find Your Passion and Make a Lot of Money Playlist

Click here for a How To Get Rich Playlist

Click here for a General Life Success Playlist

Click here for a General Self Development Playlist

Click here for a How To Travel the World (Even If You’re Broke) Playlist

Click here for a Billionaire Playlist

Click here for a Science of Health, Fitness, and Bodybuilding Playlist

Life Hacks:

Yoga for Beginners:

Will We Ever Run Out of New Music?

History of Japan:

5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown:

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