My Review of Corey Chaloff’s Personal Brand Creator Pro Course

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Do you want to grow your social media following, increase your social status, improve your network, increase career opportunities, build your income, and/or improve your dating/social life? Then, this article may be for you. Today, I’m reviewing a course I took by Corey Chaloff, which promises to do these things using a new way: by 10xing the quality of your Instagram profile and using networking skills to grow your social circle to attract high-status men and high quality women.

While other people offer ways to help with these goals, I found Corey’s pitch very unique. He’s showing you how to use Instagram to build a social circle of the most desirable women and high-status men for income. This method is starkly different from the typical ways they teach you to make money online or success in your love life. If you haven’t heard of him, let me break it down.

I hadn’t heard about him either until a few months ago where I found his Instagram.


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Who is Corey Chaloff? How I Discovered Him and What Makes Him Unique

Off the bat, I found Corey’s Instagram filled with high-status and high-quality photos. You can tell he knows what he’s doing and that he has a strong technical grasp of how to create epic photo and video content for social media. He often also gives useful tips for free on there to grow your status, brand, reach, and social circle. There were a few things after that that sold me. It started through another influencer, Michael Sartain. I had been following Michael Sartain for a while, interviewed him a couple times over the years for my podcast, and after joining his Men of Action forum, I saw a couple members referencing Corey Chaloff’s Instagram profile and his tips as someone to emulate if you want to build a strong social circle and Instagram profile.

Michael Sartain has a strong following on social media too. He teaches and coaches men specifically on how to build a high-status social circle through networking and using social media. I’m fairly well-versed with the marketplace online of what people sell and teach to men, and Corey and Michael seemed to be the only ones teaching this new, unique method of improving your career, income, and relationships through a social circle. Everyone else goes about it in a noticeably different way. If it’s relationships or love, other coaches may focus on improving your dating profile or approaching people at the mall. Or if it’s career/business, their focus may be on running Facebook Ads or how to get a Shopify store or e-product launched to their email list. No one else is really teaching you how to grow a network through reaching out, collaborating, and mastering your Instagram, so it immediately stuck out to me. Michael teaches things differently from Corey; he has a whole process around organizing big events and making a lot of female team mates to help build your network, which he proves in his Instagram by demonstrating social proof with all these women. We’ll touch on Michael’s program later, this is about Corey.

The point is Corey teaches a unique, effective, different method of improving your life through your social circle and social media that just drew me to him. He also showed that you could do it without having to post tons of women on your page consistently. Corey is usually alone in his shots. I was already convinced about the power of social circle through people like Michael because I had noticed that most attractive people meet their partners through their social circle and being introduced through mutual friends; it’s usually not through a cold approach or app, though it can be.

The final piece that really sold me on Corey was his free Personal Brand starter course. The amount of value you get from the free course alone demonstrates his skill, teaches you a lot that you can work on already, and shows the quality of his content. You get about 10 to 15 hours of videos, ranging from tactical steps on how to take better photos/videos to grow your brand to actionable tips on how to leverage the profile you built to create social events to invite high-level women or men to mindset shifts and different ways of thinking about what you’re doing that change the game. The videos are well-edited, with footage, screen shares, and walkthroughs. They even come with some of Corey’s own Adobe Lightroom presets that you can use to automatically upgrade the colors and quality of your shots. When you get that much value and you learn that the course has a lot more, including video LUTs (they’re like presets for video), 300+ hours of content, a community, and a list of top spots to shoot at, it’s almost a no brainer.

Get started with Corey’s Personal Brand Creator Pro starter course for free here

What Is It? The Contents of the Course

The course itself is thorough. In fact, the starter course gives you so much value that you wonder what the real course is like. And yes, the real course goes into a lot more detail on a lot of these topics, including many other additional bonuses and topics, like video LUTs, a Google geo-map of all the best places to shoot across the world, hours of detail on how to shoot, what equipment to buy, how to define and plan a personal brand, a live community, live Q&A call recordings, and more. To give you a taste, here’s what the starter course provides:

  • 10-Day Digital Masterclass (13 Video Workshops)
  • 🎥 10 Secrets to 10X Your Social Status in Just 9 Photos: Masterclass
  • 🎥 Personal Brand Accelerator LIVE SAMPLE CALL 
  • 🎥 The Renown Coreycha Photo Presets Library w/ 12+ Presets
  • 🎥 The Snapshot Cheat Sheet for quick reference
  • 🎥 The Photoshoot Pre-Production Checklist
  • 🎥 The Social Circle Map Blueprint
  • 🎥 Keyboard Shortcuts for Premiere

Within the video training, the starter course will also cover:

The 12 Pillars of a High-Status Brand

#1: Brand Archetype  – Define which of the 8 brand archetypes your brand falls into, setting a North Star for your brand vision and content

#2: Perfect Your Snapshot: How to dial in your Instagram profile settings to achieve high-status optics.

#3: Master Photography: Learn our coveted system for taking high-status photos, whether using a smartphone or a professional camera.

#4: Exclusive Venues: How do I find and access exclusive high-status venues perfect for photos?

#5: Editing: How do I edit and color grade my photos and content?

#6: Master Videography: What kind of video content should I produce?

#7: Pop Culture Reels: Learn our tried and true approach to creating short-form video content that generates massive engagement and growth.

#8: Broadcast Your Message: Our step-by-step process to make posting and distributing your content easy and effortless.  

#9: Grow Your Following: Our masterclass on Instagram growth and exposure.

#10: Brand Growth Strategy: An inside look at our organic growth strategy, designed to increase your followers at no cost.

#11: Build Your Network: How can I use my Instagram to network and connect with other high-status males? 

#12: Influencer Status: Learn how to leverage “content events” to create celebrity levels of status and notoriety. 

I do not think one can just take the starter course and run. When I took the real course, I learned there is a lot more nuance and detail to how to do these things right. It’s like if someone tried to learn how to make music by spending an hour with Charlie Puth versus living with Charlie Puth for a few months. Both will give you a massive head start and advantage over others, and the second option will give you all the steps necessary rather than a skeleton outline that could get misinterpreted or used wrong.

Pros and Cons

It wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t address some pros and cons as well. Having taken a lot of the course, I would say there’s a lot of pros and not many cons. The content is thorough. He has clearly taken a lot of time to build out and edit all the 300+ hours of content in the course. I’ve been through a lot of courses, and I can tell the level of attention. It’s not just random videos where he’s talking to the camera the whole time. They’re edited well, they have b-roll and examples, and they’re all organized under different sections, including Mindset, Dating, Business, Social Media, Photography/Technical Skills, etc.

There are so many pros that I’ve already discussed that it’s a no brainer. I won’t elaborate too much here. Simply put, there’s no one else credible on the market with a proven track record, except maybe Michael Sartain, who has a course or program that can teach you how to use Instagram and social media to grow your social circle, network, and actually get positive responses and high-status men and women reaching out to you. The strategies and tactics are something you won’t find anywhere else. You probably haven’t heard of these ideas anywhere else; they’re probably going to be new tactics and mindset shifts for you to try.

One pro is the quantity and quality of detail in the course. With 300 hours of video content and easy access to play it on Kajabi mobile, you get an investment that will keep teaching you for weeks on end and it’s something you can digest while you’re at the gym or going about your day through mobile devices. As mentioned, the video content is top-notch; he’s not just speaking to a camera the whole time. He’ll go through photo edits with you, he’ll show diagrams to illustrate his mindset, it really speaks to the time he took to make this course. I’ve gone through many other courses, and most other courses don’t have this level of effort. Some courses are just a few videos of a dude talking to a camera the whole time without much preparation or b-roll or clarity (Fidias’s YouTube course was one of these, and probably one of my less successful purchases). This is not one of those courses. Every video is organized in an appropriate section, the videos relate to each other, and it doesn’t, for once, seem like it’s something quick the creator slapped together. He spent a lot of time building this out.

If anything, Corey Chaloff could sell himself more rather than less. Before I bought, he came across as more of a seasoned, technical expert with a camera. He was great at creating social media content that built a personal brand that drew the right high-value people to him, and it seemed like he had some networking tactics to leverage his profile into something greater. Initially, it seemed like the main draw was his ability to teach building that personal brand to grow your relationships and business/career on social. It was only after I went through modules that I learned more about him and realized he had more experience, access, network, and results than I thought. It turns out he has spent years working directly with some of the world’s top dating coaches in Real Social Dynamics as a videographer/photographer/content creator. He’s also worked with a lot of celebrities, creating content for them. Through that access, he’s learned a lot about networking, business, social media, social circle and succeeding online that he leverages. He only touches on his relationship success within the program; I suppose he doesn’t prefer leading with that publically.

It’s not just him talking either in his course either. He has interviews with RSD Luke Krogh, Michael Sartain, and Justin Ross Lee that break things into depth.

Get started with Corey’s Personal Brand Creator Pro starter course for free (affiliate link)

If I had to mention a con, I would say the following:

300+ hours is a lot to get through. In fact, some successful course creators like Jeff Walker had recommended making courses shorter rather than longer because too much can be overwhelming that some people are less likely to get started. I think he’s still in the mindset of “more is better”, which isn’t always the case.

Also, there are slight things I disagree with him on when going through it. For example, he stresses never pulling the curtain back and showing the hard work, struggle, behind the scenes, how-to, or before-and-after of how you achieved something because it takes away the mystery and eliteness. I have seen many influencers succeed by explaining how they accomplished something because people want that relatability or the how-to. That said, I am a student at this point, so I need to suspend disbelief and continue following his strategy. I suppose people have different goals, so maybe showing the behind the scenes works for some, but it can lower status perception.

One can argue that there are a lot of creators who have more engagement and views that you can follow. Sure, and I have boughten courses from them as well. Just keep in mind that this course isn’t aimed first to teach you to get millions of views. It’s aimed to build your personal brand and network by elevate your status, social media, and content. While the course does teach you about how to blow up your reach with Instagram Reels and other social media tactics, if you want the best of the best teaching it, I’m sure there’s another course out there that can fit your needs. What that course won’t have is the ability to teach you how to leverage that to build your income or love life. There’s plenty of people who get a lot of views more than Corey Chaloff on TikTok, which is easy to do, but they haven’t a clue on how to leverage that, so their income or love life still sucks.

Finally, there are some technical sections that you can probably learn from other courses by social media creators, such as the sections about creating viral social media content, how to edit stuff in Lightroom or your video editing tool, what camera equipment to use, and so forth. In fact, I’m taking a course called Lost Creator Academy by one of the top travel influencers right now, and a lot of those topics are fully addressed by that course as well in just as much, if not more detail. That said, there’s still a lot of meat around building status, influence, and a social circle for career / personal branding / business / relationships that other courses don’t cover. The travel course is focused on helping you build a travel influencer brand and making money from that, so it completely skips over the whole social circle and networking stuff that Corey can speak to. It’s really that unique value and those video modules that hold a lot of the value for me personally, and I think those are well worth it.

Get started with Corey’s Personal Brand Creator Pro starter course for free here

Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials

Corey’s Personal Brand Creator homepage has a testimonials section if you scroll to the bottom. There’s about a dozen video testimonials and a dozen screenshots. The testimonials seem to show that the improvement of their Instagram has changed the perception of the students from average to above average from people, sometimes old friends and exes start reaching out complimenting them and asking how they achieved their lifestyle, as well as new higher status people reaching out after they’ve used Corey’s tips. It’s helped expand their social circles and helped them meet high quality men and women.

Some of the testimonials have some room for improvement. A lot of them seem to be just feelings of positivity, such as saying the course was great, changed the way they see things, how comprehensive the course is, just repeating some of the things they learned, how they feel inspired, or how they feel like it’s the best thing ever. I prefer results-driven testimonials rather than feelings, though that’s just my opinion. Other testimonials do show some results, including a couple people saying it improved their dating life a lot and the quality of the women they could get. Another person said he went from working at a restaurant to being called an influencer and being paid for a couple photoshoot services.

I actually invested without checking the testimonials because I was already sold. That said, I typically check the testimonials and results, especially for higher-ticket investments. I went through these reviews for the sake of this article. The testimonials and reviews could be better since they ramble a lot, and this is usually when they’re highlighting the biggest successes, which aren’t always that epic. It also seems they could still work on their videography since their videos have dim lighting or sometimes bad audio. Just trying to give my honest opinion of the good and bad because I don’t want to make it seem like I’m just hyping this up without giving the good and bad. You still need to put in the work after learning the knowledge, so this isn’t for people who are lazy or expect instant results without doing any work. And results depend on how much you absorb the content and to what level you execute it.

Despite this, I am still sold on this stuff because I could noticeably see how average and meh by profile was and how much room for improvement there was. It’s such a unique angle on how to succeed in these areas and served in a digestible way. I’m already noticing improvement to the quality of my photos and content. Some of the more notable successes I saw were people saying that people’s reactions to them after seeing their Instagram is a lot more positive because of the perception, and one person got business from it because someone saw their Instagram and reached out asking for help with creating content.


In today’s interconnected world, building a strong social circle has become a key factor in personal and professional success. =

One of the standout features of the course is the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. This community serves as a supportive ecosystem where participants can connect, interact, and exchange ideas. Whether you’re seeking dating advice, business insights, or personal branding strategies on social media, this network offers a unique platform to engage with peers who share similar goals and aspirations.

This is a course for you if you’re interested in growing yourself and want to up-level yourself from the average person who is posting random photos of their food and their buddies on Instagram, which get low engagement. Corey put a lot of heart and soul into the course.

One unique aspect of the course is its emphasis on leveraging social media, particularly Instagram, as a powerful tool for building a compelling online presence. Instagram is the focus because the creator believes its still the most powerful tool; it’s the only one that allows you to DM everyone while showcasing a grid of your photos. Students witness remarkable reactions and positive feedback when they upgrade their Instagram profiles to showcase captivating content and visually appealing pictures. The course provides expert strategies and insights on creating a captivating Instagram presence that resonates with others, attracting new connections, and enhancing personal branding.

Alternatives in the Market

Most product reviews have a “alternative options” section. As mentioned, this product is unique because it’s selling something that currently doesn’t have any other competitors or credible people offering something. Only Michael Sartain has something similar that teaches you how to build a social circle, and his program is at an outrageous price point these days. I believe it’s climbing in price every month as the demand goes up, starting at over $6,000+ to join. So with Corey’s course, you get a massive price differential, that makes it worth it.

I believe RSD Luke used to have a Social Circle Mastery course a while ago, and it seems like he has since shut that down. There’s also Jordan Harbinger, previously a member of Art of Charm who is now doing his own thing, who seems to do some social circle networking coaching, but that’s more focused on improving your career, and it doesn’t seem like he promotes it anymore since his podcast is taking up his time. Therefore, this is the best thing in the market in its category for now.

Get started with Corey’s Personal Brand Creator Pro starter course for free here

Is Corey’s Personal Brand Creator Pro Worth It?

The simple answer is yes. Imagine your dream life and the results you wish you could obtain from a career, business, social reputation, respect, or love life arena. Imagine what you would pay to achieve those results. This course will give you specific steps to move noticeably in that direction, and it’s likely that the cost of the course is significantly less than what you’d pay for those results. While results are not guaranteed, I think the course noticeably moves in the right direction, and it felt fun, not a chore, to go through the videos and learn these secrets.

I wish I knew about this sooner. I visited a few cool places a few months ago, like Tampa and Miami, and the photos I got there were limited and mediocre. Had I known about the tips from this course earlier, I could leveraged that to build a much more impressive Instagram profile because I had access to that knowledge of how to find and take good shots. It’s just one example of the power of this course. You live and learn, right? Now, next time, I’m in NYC or Miami, I’ll be able to leverage that to take much better shots. Most people just go through life ignorant to the opportunities around them, and an investment in this course opens your eyes to those opportunities. I still have a decent amount of life ahead of me, so there’s still opportunity for this investment to pay off for the rest of my life.

Pricing & Getting Started Now

Frankly, I only see the price increasing over time, which means it’s better to join now than later. The course is getting more attention, so he’s only going to increase rates, so it’s better to get in now. Depending on when you see this, it may cost $330 to $600 or more. I’ve taken a lot of online courses in various topics (e.g., business, making money, becoming a YouTuber, love life, productivity, etc.) from gurus and experts, so I think that price range is reasonable. A lot of these courses range from $200 to $3000. It may seem a little much if you’re new to purchasing courses. It’s typical though if you want something from a specific influencer and you want something that’s higher quality than the $10 cheap Udemy courses. I would recommend it before the price goes up.

People spend more than that in a day when they purchase a camera lens, some video games, a designer shirt, or a briefcase. It’s better to invest that money on something that can make you a lot more money and get you a lot more results anyways, like this course.

I recommend going through the free starter course first to see if it’s a fit for you and then purchasing from there.

Get started with Corey’s Personal Brand Creator Pro starter course for free here

Now, if you’re a real baller, and money is not a problem, Corey also sells a Social Media Bootcamp package where you visit him in Vegas, and he creates a month’s worth of content for you. You get a lot of in-person advice from him, you get some of the best photoshoot spots and photos/videos since he knows the area, and a lot of other hands-on help. I haven’t taken this up myself. It’s currently priced at $2,500, which may go up in the future. I’ve bumped into some people who wouldn’t blink twice at spending this much; it’s nothing for them. So, if that’s for you, you can learn more about the bootcamp here.

That’s it, folks! I think this is a hidden gem. I’m blessed I stumbled across it. Most people aren’t even aware this knowledge or skillset exists, and that people are leveraging it to get what they want from their lives and social circle. This is a game you can learn and win! What are you waiting for?

Get started with Corey’s Personal Brand Creator Pro starter course for free here (affiliate link).

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